Advertisement is a method of passing the message; it can be a mode of communication. It is a marketing tool for the companies to attract, retain the customers. As Per the marketing Guru "Advertising can be defined as a paid form of non personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor". (Philip Kotler). Hence in a simple sense "It is a method to pass on the message to the end user". It can be classified as 1. Informative 2. Persuasive 3. Reminder advertisement.

Hence here comes the question why advertisements are required? As Discussed before, it is required for a company to pass on the message for their product or service. Because of the huge competition in the market for every product, it is become necessity for the companies to add strategic advertisements and retain the customers. Hence it is believed from the companies that advertisement puts lot of impact on the consumers mind set. It can be to pass on the information or making awareness for the product, or it can be a brand building exercise, or it can be reminder advertisement to make the consumer more comfortable with the product or service.

Due to the evaluation of advertisement agencies and Innovative advertisement methods it becomes easier for the companies to tap the market of competitors and keep on catching the consumer.

The advertisement impact a lot on consumers mind set. For Ex: The add from Lalitaji for surf excel (From HUL) made lot of impact on the house wives to react on the washing powder. Then the companies tried different ways of advertisements. They tried up with celebrities to act as their brand ambassador and catch up their fans for the product. All most all the companies are doing the same exercise to be in race of competition. For Ex: Indian cricket team representing Sahara and Pepsi co. which in turn impacts their fans to be loyal for those companies. These are more in a country like India. Then the other way of attracting add is with Cartoons and animated items. For Ex: The Zoo Zoo from Vodafone has impacted a lot on their sales, leaving behind this if we discuss about DOCOMO then the new player in telecom sector captured the market because of the new strategic and well designed advertisements.

Their way of advertisement has captured a huge size of market. These advertisements build up the brand and keeps on buzzing at consumers mind set. For Ex: If we talk about locks in Indian Market then most of us can easily say it as " GODREJ".it is because of two things 1. Brand building with advertisings (Dealer, Print media, TV, Word of Mouth) etc. 2. Quality of product. Hence this shows the impact of add on consumers.

Let's take an example of movies which keeps on buzzing as trailers to attract us to watch the movies. If we discuss of FMCG market, then there are lot of players under it, but due to advertisements from HUL with brand ambassadors makes us an impact to go for the product. Let's talk about LUX it is the most salable branded soap in Indian Market. The companies have started giving advertisements on different subjects. For ex: Airtel Promoted itself as a relationship subject, Surf excel promoted on social subject ( save water), Idea promoted itself as ( Save trees or Environment) ,these shows that they are concerned for the social things. Hence let's vote for the company by using their product or service is the mindset of the consumer.

By watching these kinds of advertisements consumers mind gets adjusted to those brands or companies. For Ex: If we go to a super market and look for a coconut oil, then it is definitely "Parachute". Because, they have placed the brand like that in our mindset with the help of strategic adds. Lets take an another example of Indian Tourism add with Mr. Amir Khan, which clearly passes the message of Indians behavior with Guests. By watching this there will be a change in the behavior of the people toward the guests, which in turn can increase the respect towards our country.

If we check the advertisements of Fairness creams then we can see that most of the people were affected with this, as fair complexion is the most desirable thing in our country. In the month of March most of the people do Insurance for different reasons but these things happen with the help of reminder advertisements from insurance companies. And, now with the evaluation of Internet the online advertisements do impact a lot on consumers. Hence these are the things which put lot of impact on us to make up the mind set for the company's product and service.

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