A change occurred in Indian mobile business with the launch of the ezpad mobile from Micromax. It was really a tough fight to handle a giant like Nokia in the Indian Market. The products from LG, Samsung, Nokia and Motorola were doing well in the market. The leader was Nokia in the market with its brand, quality and awareness in market. No one is in dare to fight and make the market unstable. But the launch of mobile from Micromax has done a great change.

In the initial stages most of the customers thought that it is like the same kind of company which has entered the market and will go back. At the same time there was a product of Karbon mobile too which did not work well in the market. Hence most of the people thought like Micromax will also lose the market share. But thanks to the Marketing strategies of Micromax which has lead the market.

The way they have sponsored the cricket matches are really wonderful. They have created great brand awareness among target audience. They have done a great job in terms of promotions and advertisements. They picked up the couple Akshay and Twinkle for ads. They have taken up a task to beat the competition with brand awareness and fulfilling the exact requirement of Indian customers.

They came up with a product which was never introduced by any of the player for such a low price. Customers were looking at such kind of products. They have really worked well to create hype in the market. The ezpad and Q7 are doing good business for the team of Micromax. There is no hesitation in saying that their sales officers worked really hard to push the products in the retail stores. It is really a wonderful team work.

To define in a competitive market, Micromax has fought well to keep itself on the runners track. They have really done a great job in terms of sales, Marketing and Delivery. It is a great effort from the strategy team to fight competition.

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