It's the time to win the world cup is the words that are coming from our cricketers. After IPL its time to play and win the twenty twenty world cup which is going to be held in Caribbean islands. The matches will start from April 30th to May 16th. Indian team is looking forward to win the cup and return from the islands.

In 2007 Dhoni Sena came with a world cup, in 2009 did a mistake. But all hopes are with them to get the trophy. As the winner of IPL is CSK under the captaincy of Dhoni. Hence it may give a boost to him to look forward the world Cup. He knows well about the Strengths and weakness of our team as well as opponents. Hence he can apply perfect strategies to win the matches. He needs to take care of the mistakes and should make clarify of it with new atrategies.

Even the players are also in practice as they have done well in the IPL. The twenty 20 from IPL trophy will give everyone a lesson to correct their mistakes in the world cup. The only problem may be missing Sehwag on this occasion. But we have best players with us.
The pitches and the atmosphere hopefully help us to do better. This is all depending upon how we are playing and applying strategies to win the matches. The total team is in good condition and with good practice.

They have to fight with each team's strategies and take a correct step to win the matches. Dhoni's captaincy will definitely help our team to perform better than others.The only hope we can have is to play the team well and return with the trophy. Hopefully Dhoni sena will do better.

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An MBA from GITAM University,India.