As in the Indian Detergent market Nirma created revolution with its strategies and rewrote the laws of marketing. Nirma in the 80's had a marketing miracle to fight with MNC's. It identified several areas and moved into them to handle with its resources such as human and financial.

To start up with Nirma it is only corporate social Responsibility of them that made them to success. Realizing the need of education in the society it started up with Nirma Education and research foundation in 1994. It moved into areas like bio technology, medicine and nursing so on. Nirma became a standard for educational institutions. Then they came up with Nirma Labs for upcoming entrepreneurs with training, financial and infrastructure support. Then it's time to move on memorial trust and foundation, started in 1979. This contributes towards schools, colleges, temples, social institutions in the state and outside too.

In the year of 2000, Nirma was known for its corporate social responsibility. The responsibility made them to hit more on brand name and awareness. The CSR became a marketing strategy for them. It has made them to get the ROI in education in terms of brand image.

Not only CSR but also the way they have created the market for them is really fantastic. They have done a great job in terms of reach in the market and customer adaptation. The initial stage to till date it has a great adaptation with customers. It was a great job from the sales team with the higher management to create such a brand for them.
CSR with marketing strategy has helped Nirma to be in market to fight competition like HUL and P&G. They have made their road for success .....

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Reference: Crafting Exe.Strategy 14th edition