Communication has really changed the phase. It has helped us to reach people over mobile without any movement in physical. We communicate to all the people who are even away from us. There is no barrier for borders as rightly said it is a borderless world. Even sometimes we make a conference call to communicate one or more people. Here the query comes what is Conference for? As well described in Wikipedia that a "conference is a meeting of people who confer about a topic", it may be in a meeting room or over a mobile.

But what will happen if it is an official meeting to take over in a conference call. In mobile it will happen or in a fixed line too it can happen but will it satisfy all the needs? It cannot cover all the needs of a professional company. But the technology has evolved and now the fixed lines from different service providers are opting for the conference technology. It is good that we have good number of opportunities in hand for a conference call.
What is an audio conference then? It is the same what we are discussing till now. Conference call happening over voice but not through video call is generally known as audio conference. It will happen over PSTN or IP lines only. The highest percentage is for PSTN line in INDIA. If everything is happening over phone then what is the need of an audio conference system. Let's discuss on this....

An audio conference system is a device which is not only for an audio conference call to happen over IP or PSTN but it has additional features for a professional environment. The features are noise suppression, extendable microphones, smooth keypad, and microphones with echo cancellations, the voice can be reached to the other end by sitting from any corner of the room without any bowings or movements from the chair. Most of the devices support 10-15 ft. distance to cover.

The highest percentages of sold device with all these features are Polycom sound station which is even has patented technologies under its belt. Siren 22 is the technology which is being patented by the giant in conference product sales is Polycom. The device is highly suitable for professional working environment. This can really help a meeting to happen smoothly for long hours too. It has features that it can be integral with video conference machine (for few models only). The shape of the device comes like a star which will have 3 mics at the corners and a speaker with a keypad in the middle and display of LCD above. Mute and hold buttons are helpful for a conference call. The device is built with very good hardware for a longer support.

Hence an audio conference is really helpful for the organizations looking for a professional conference meeting to happen.

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