India is a country where most of the telecom companies found lot of opportunity. The country with a new phase of development is India. The companies are taking a lot of care to tap the market. Since the first mobile communication service in India the war is continuing for the communication teams. The telecom sector is working hard with their tools to build brand for themselves.

Each company is taking care of their advertisements to make the people aware of their service. At the same time it is to retain the existing and new customers. The new companies are working on their marketing strategies to make good Advertisements to hit the existing players as well as the king that is Customer. Telecom is such a field where the customer changes his/her choice depending upon the offers. Hence this field offers good opportunity.

The Existing players like Airtel, BSNL, TATA, Reliance, Idea and Vodafone have done their job well to retain the customers. But as the new players are into the market such as Aircel, Uninor, Docomo, and Virgin it becomes a tough job for the existing players to tap the market. Apart from this the help from TRAI and DOT for the telecom players is good. Now for the customers there is good number of company offers for choice to make.

Here the scenario becomes one target but so many competitors. The new players including the big giants are also trying hard to tap the market. The only way to make the people aware of their services is advertisements. Hence the players are working different kinds of tools for the advertisements. They are making the ad's to make the people attract. Hence each player is having their own way to show customers their services.

Airtel is working on the relationships in Advertisements. They are looking at the emotional pictures of Indian People. They are taking the bonding of relations in their advertisements. Whereas idea is working on the social issues such as deforestation, illiteracy. If we look at BSNL it is coming up with its technologies such as 3G, Wi-max and so on. Vodafone is working out with their ZooZoo to attract the customers.

The players like Aircel are having M S Dhoni as the Brand ambassador to communicate the message to customers. They are working on the issues as of "Save the Tigers". By advertisements they are showing their Pocket Internet Card so as to make a differentiation. The other player Virgin mobiles are coming up with the concept of Youth. They have taken Ranbir Kapoor and Genelia as their brand ambassador to convey the message of their service.
The player who came with revolution in telecom sector is TATA Docomo. They came up with one paisa per one second. They have given an excellent strategy to penetrate the market. They are giving good advertisements based on the practical sense of humor. They have targeted every segment through their advertisements.

The player Uninor has come up with saying that "Ab Mera Number hai" and shown their service offers in the advertisements. Another player which is coming in the market is "Etisalat" is planning to come up with their brand ambassador Amir Khan.

Hence all the players have shown their advertisements with their offer of services. End of the day it is all about retaining customers and building brand. As said "Customer is the King of the Market" is the concept the players are now working. They are working on their offers to keep the customer happy with their services. It is all about to tap the market with their offers.

About Author / Additional Info:
An MBA from GITAM University,India.

Reference: 4P Magazine