I was eight years old when I first time heard the name Sachin (Sachin Tendulkar). My family, neighbors were packed in our living room to watch the cricket match. I did not understand why these people are behaving like this? They were enjoying on the perfect cricketing shots from the little master. I understand this craze, only when I started sitting like that with my friends to watch the master blaster playing as an opening batsman for India. At the age of 12, I started playing cricket taking him as an Inspiration. Even I believe the probability is high in India that most of the cricketers have started playing cricket by watching Sachin or getting inspired from him.

By watching cricket matches and Observing Sachin I learnt lot of things. I was copying his batting style. I was keenly watching his straight drives, cover drives and pull shots. I used to practice those every day in the nets. Even I bought a cricket bat of heavy weight. I have admired him as God, Not only me the entire nation defines him as the God of Cricket. I remember the match where sachin played aggressively against Australia in Sarjah to win the match. On the very next day we had a cricket match, Inspiring from his batting style and drives I stayed at the crease for a longer time and had my first century ever in a cricket tournament semi-finals. This is what he did by influencing me to play a brilliant knock. I always call him as my Guru. Even now, my friends and my family call him as My Guru. He has redefined the game called cricket. He is not only a player, he is known for his humanity and passion for the game.

There was a time when people used to shut down their Television after the dismissal of Sachin wicket. He is a batsman with records and a huge statistics under kitty. He has inspired me not only to play cricket but made me to understand that to win anything or to be a successful person you need Passion, Dedication, Hard Work, Learning and more over ethics. I salute him as my guru. I have taken number of points from him to build my career and character. I am inspired from him to stay attentive and fight for your dream even though there are hic-ups in your way to achieve it. He struggled a lot with his injuries, fitness, and hic-ups in his career but at the end of the day he has achieved his dream in a style. He has inspired me to aim for a vision and achieve it at any cost with the tools like passion, Dedication and Hard work.

I salute him for playing 24 years of International Cricket and inspiring us to achieve our dreams. Debuted on November 15, 1989 and today he is playing his 200th test with a score of 74 at his home ground Wankhade stadium, Mumbai. Even though he will not play from the next matches but we feel as if he is there in the team. 100 centuries from him is a great achievement which really looks like a tough task for the younger generation to achieve. He has made our nation and we pride. He struggled a lot to bring the Indian cricket team on top. He understands the values and ethics to achieve something. He is known for his humanity. He has refined the way of playing cricket. That is why he is called as a God of Cricket. I have learnt a lot from him. Even from his last speech from the ground I understand his ethics. I thank him for being a role model to me. I am fortunate that I have watched him playing cricket and leant a lot from him. I pray for him to stay fit and keep us inspiring, concluding this as Sachiiiiin....Sachin.

About Author / Additional Info:
I am a Digital Marketer with love for Cricket.