Science graduation gives different directions to go for advanced studies. It is a good course to study. In science graduation we study Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Stat., Electronics, and Computer Science etc. Hence all these give us the foundation of the courses. We need to be stronger in these subjects for the future correspondence.

Science subjects give us the analytical ability. By which we can think and work on some projects. It is better to study hard in the graduation period. It is not about marks or ranks need to make clarifications of concepts. These will help you out to make analysis in future. If you are ok with the concepts then there will not be any problem explaining those in exams.
Hence here the question comes about the next step after graduation. It all depends where the interest of the candidate is? They can go for different options. They can chose the options depending upon the factors like Interest, marks, Rank holders, Subject grip, Future Understandings etc.

Let me give you some options.

• If you are good in subjects or in one subject and you want to have a more grip on it then it is better to write the PG CET and study for the PG. For Ex: If you are good in Physics it is better to do PG in that. After that a PhD is advisable. This makes you to go further in career. You will have different options by doing that.

If you are done with your PG you will be having job opportunities depending upon that. If you have done PG in Chemistry then you will find opportunities in Drug / Pharmacy industries, Chemical or Clinical research fields, in other sectors like automobile, pesticides/ fertilizers, Battery industry etc. if you would like to go for the job after Degree then it is better to move in the chemistry field as a Trainee in Clinical Research or Pharmacy production field. It is advisable to go for further studies for better opportunities.

• If you are looking for any change in the stream and would like to go in the software fields. Then it is better to write CET and to do MCA in good colleges. It will be better if you are doing MCA in good college, where you will not find any problem for placements. The only thing is that you need to concentrate on your subjects. Need to do well in exams and communication skills. It is advisable to practice other software programs while studying MCA only. Be strong on all those make you to get a good job in software field.

• If you would like to change your stream towards the line of business. Then it is better to write CAT, XAT, MAT, and CET and prepare for the GD/PI to get a good seat in the top B-schools. It is better to do the MBA in top B schools only. In MBA you will find different options for your future. It is better to prepare for the communication skills from final year of graduation itself. If you are preparing for the Exams from Graduation second year only, it will be very clear to hit the Entrances and to get a seat in the Top B schools. In top B schools you will find good placements with handsome packages. There is no problem preparing for MBA after your science graduation it all needs your interest and analytical capability.

• And if you are looking for the administration services like IAS, IPS, and other. Then it will be fine to get a strong hold on your graduation subjects. And prepare for that from your graduation first year itself. Be ready to hit the exams of UPSC to get those on your name. It is advisable to study hard on GK and Current affairs to hit the exams and interview.

Hence all these are some of the options that you can go after science graduation. It is advisable to study hard in your graduation subjects and parallel prepare for the entrance exams. Reading Newspapers will help you out for the communication skills, current affairs, and GK etc. Prepare for the exams strongly and you can hit your target.

About Author / Additional Info:
An MBA from GITAM University,India.