Tollywood the Movie industry of Andhra Pradesh , with the number 2 position in India and Regionally number 1 has different kinds of movies in its basket. The number of movies that are released yet are comedy, Action, Romance and Thrilling one, but by the release of the movie Leader there is suddenly a change in the thinking of Directors and Producers to make good movies in future. So, the things changed.

Leader the movie which was released in the month of February 19, 2010 has made its mark in Tollywood. It has done a great job , although the star cast is new for the movie. The whole story is based on the political Scenario of Andhra Pradesh . The story is about making Public aware of the politics and their game in A.P. Showing the public that what will happen to the politics if the educated youth becomes a politician and Trying to a make a change in the system of Indian politics. The movie concentrated on the corruption and other running factors in India. The movie has designed its story well and It has given public a different kind of flavor. Till now the public has seen the movies with full of violence or comedy or romance, But not with a real message and clarity of thought. No doubt there were lot of movies released like this by showing about politics and Message orientation , But no one has really shown a difference between a leader and Politician . And , all these kind of movies have shown with full of violence, but leader has a different form in his basket , this movie has not shown any kind of violence .

The hero of the movie has done well although it is his debut movie. the whole team has done well. The Story, Screenplay and Direction of the story is Very good. The Director who has already three blockbusters in his basket prior to this with slow and Romantic kind of movies has really worked very hard to show the public about his feelings of Politics and society through his fourth movie leader. The whole team really worked very hard with the Leader as a director to give a complete entertainment to the audience with a real message. Which has become a success story .

So, After this movie got released and The ratings it had from critics and Audience is really wonderful . Now the directors and Producers are thinking to make such kind of movies. So it has made a change in the industry.

The low budget movie with new star cast has really done well with perfect planning and organized way. So there is no hesitation to call it as Trend setter in Tollywood.

About Author / Additional Info:
An MBA from GITAM University,India.