Branding is always a buzz word in the marketing. It is an identity, image, name, term, symbol or logo which is designed to satisfy the same need of the customer by differentiating is a kind of reminder for the consumers when they buy something, For Ex: when we think of a tab Apple comes to our mind as ipad, when it is for OS and Office for your PC then "Microsoft" comes to your mind. This shows the name or term of the company have made such a brand impact that they are the leaders in those areas. In India when consumers think to buy locks for their home or business then the first term comes to mind is "Godrej". Hence all these examples show us that they are the leaders in those categories which made the consumers to buy their product at first shot without rethinking.

Hence for all these leaders, what made them that the brand is so highly appreciated? As per marketing terminology a company to be in leading position needs some branding attributes so that it can focus in the market and customers. The branding attributes are the characteristics of that product, term, symbol or logo.

The branding attributes can be -

1. Meeting needs: The brand should be relevant to the customers need. It should meet the customer expectations. If it is not meeting the same then customers will not buy your products.

2. Consistency: A good and recognized brand should be consistent in delivering the same value and trust without deviating the earlier ones. For Ex: If a brand like "Bata" which is meant for quality was not able to compete with the other companies like adidas, Reebok as they were giving better quality and advanced designed products than Bata. Hence, the brand got degraded. But as per the present scenario it is repositioning its brand.

3. Positioning of Product: A trusted brand should be positioned well in the customers mind-set so as to reach the target audience on time of buying. For Ex: In India, Blue star positioned itself very well in terms of quality air conditions. Hence when people think to buy a new air condition with quality of product and service then they go for Blue star as because of its positioning.

4. Durable for a longer period: A brand should sustain for a longer period of time. It should deviate from its promises which in turn can hit its sustainability. All the trusted and great brands across the globe do follow the guidelines to make their brands as sustainable in the consumers mind.

5. Uniqueness or differentiable: The brand or the product should be unique and it should be differentiable than the competitors. For ex: The patent technologies do help to show the brand uniqueness. In Panasonic projectors the patent technology of Day light view shows a difference over its competitive projectors. Hence these are the brand uniqueness which helps to differentiate in the market.

Apart from these aspects a brand should also be attractive and it should deliver the promised to value to the customer. For ex: If the promised value is quality then it should deliver quality on first. The brand should inspire the segment or the category it is famous for.

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