Classrooms are turning Interactive. Students are enjoying the new mode of learning. Technology is helping students to enjoy the lessons and learn quickly. It is not the old format of teaching anymore where students do not have any interaction in the classrooms and they keep learning things with hypothesis only. But now the classrooms have turned Interactive where students are enjoying learning with Interactive sessions.

The reason for Interactive sessions is Technology and Internet growth in parallel. The advanced technology has helped us to build products like Interactive whiteboard, Interactive projectors, Interactive Displays, Interactive 3D projectors even with video conference virtual classrooms to happen. These Interactive sessions make the student to know the depth of concept what he or she is learning for. For Ex: In the earlier days students used to have only diagrams of Heart functionality. And they used to understand from that only with the help of concept and diagram link and imagination. By going to post graduation in the same profession they might have understood those in advance level. But now it is changed, Students can find anything from Internet and they can learn easily for the depth of concepts. Even the Interactive displays with software are helping students to go in depth of the diagram with 3D angles so that they can learn the exact concepts and happenings in that.

Interactive whiteboards are cost effective and will be of very much useful for students in the lower end to mid-level schools. The board not only helps to write on it and use it as a whiteboard but also it has features like dragging diagrams, stored materials, copy, paste of documents with the support of document management software. Print is an option for those who need a print for the written literature on the board. Even the board or display can be connected to a laptop through USB cable and VGA cable to projector from Laptop with the support of loaded software in the laptop will help the admin make the board interactive. The writer or the instructor can use all the functions of laptop on board itself. There is no need that he or she has to come to the laptop for any further editing. For Ex: If the Instructor is presenting a ppt on some topic and he has to make a change in it after the interactive session then he or she can do that by standing there only without coming back to the laptop and making changes. Hence this is one of the examples of Interactive sessions happening in our education there are other products and technologies which is much advanced and supportive with the curriculum activities. The application of Interactive products and technology can really change the dimension of Indian Education.

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