Being a human we look for maintaining Relationships. Relation is of different types it may be of blood, friend, partner, colleague, spouse, lover, and customer and so on. In each of these we find something to share. We maintain good relation with these loved ones. But sometimes this may break because of few things. If the things can be controlled for few minutes then the relationship stays for long time. Here are the some of the tips for a long term relationship for couples.

1. Trust: Trust your partner or relation. Make sure that the trust is there. Whatever be the issue or matter try to resolve it on the facts. Do not go for other reasons. There may be some factors which can divert you from trust and believe but at this moment also if you trust and believe the things in a proper manner then the relationship stays for a long term.

2. Be Positive: It is proved that who have positive sense of thinking stay happy and healthier. Even the relationship stays for long term. Positive thinking helps you to think in a right way whereas negative thoughts not only kills you mentally but also the relationship too.

3. Kill Ego: Ego is the great factor which acts as a catalyst to break the relationship. It is better to kill the ego from both ends to have a healthier relationship with peace of mind. It is better to check with the issues and sources to kill the ego and stay happily for long term.

4. Be helpful: Whatever be the situation be helpful to each other. Do not take it seriously for the worse situation and make sure that the help will come from both ends at an appropriate time. As the lifestyle is changing it is better that we should make ourselves mould in that to stay happily. Hence if the work is completed from both ends then it will be more pleasure for both the people.

5. Reduce Anger: It is better to decrease the Anger in you and be patience. The patience levels will help you for the long term relation. Whatever be the situation try to be calm and cool which makes you to solve the issue without any problems. Try to solve the issue with cool mind. Due to the increase of anger most of us lose control and do the things differently. Hence it is better to reduce anger and be patience to solve the issues for a long term.

Apart from all these tips if the love is there from both the ends then there will not be any problem. But due to the modern era we feel some problems in our relationships even the love is present.

Most of the people in relationships feel that sacrificing everything and compromising in their lifestyles. But for a lovable and happiest relationship the sacrifice and compromise should come from both ends. Hence for a long term relationship and happier life it is better to think on our nature. Hence the relationships are made for long terms not for the short and crispy. It is better to love and keep a healthier relationships to keep the life in peace and happy.

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