English is something that everyone tries to learn. In a country like India where lots of languages are spoken is really difficult to speak fluent English. But the growth and Money is linked up with your English Fluency or one of the factors from Communication skills. Hence it becomes a necessary task to learn good English. Here comes the question that how to improve our English? To answer this English can be taken in two ways one to speak fluently and other are to write without mistakes, where both play a vital role. Hence to improve good English there are few tips to work out.

1. Try to learn a word per day, whether it is from News paper, Magazine, Books, or Spoken one, from articles but learn a word per day. The better way is to learn from a standard dictionary.

2. Check with the grammar books and try to identify your mistakes by doing a chapter or exercise each day. Correct your mistakes and try to analyze the things.

3. Read two books per month. Read the books whichever you like of your choice as management, inspirational, novels but make it as a hobby and interest. Read as much as you can and learn good words, idioms from that.

4. Watch English News everyday at least for half an hour. Check with the pronunciation and language of delivery. Try to catch the words used. Try to watch good English movies and learn the way they speak with the jumbled words. These will help you out to learn and correct your English.

5. Try to speak with people by avoiding shame, fear. Don't worry about anything but speak as much as you can. Try to learn from your mistakes and make a correction on those. Speak with everyone in English. You may know some words some may not, hence it is better to speak and learn. Even you would have learned your mother tongue by speaking every day. Hence no language can be made in one day.

6. Try to read the English paragraphs loudly for 15 to 20 minutes every day. If possible record it in a tape. Listen to those and check your pronunciation with that. Try to correct the mistakes.

7. Read English News paper daily without failure. It is a great helpful tool to improve English as well as G.K. Read the articles from the paper and try to find out the words that are catchy and tough. Note it down and learn it immediately.

8. Listen to English music and learn from those. Try to check with the words and pronunciation, make a habit of it to learn from those.

These tips may help you out to learn good English. There are few things that we need to make correction while learning. Those can be fear, shame, laziness, ego, over thinking etc. If these things are corrected then you can learn good English. It is better to keep in touch with any of the professor or trainer for corrections of your mistakes. There is saying in "Rome was not built in a day" in the same sense English cannot be learned in one day it takes time to learn and command. Hence it is better to practice the things and learn well.

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