In the earlier days it was a tough time for knowing and getting the information of others in another location as required. We used to receive information through letters or telegrams. Then after a gap we moved to fixed lines of telecom (Land telephone) through operators and then direct without operators through fixed lines. We were happy that we are receiving some information about our loved ones or professional information. But again we felt something is missing and initiated communication through a new technology pager then the era of mobiles arrived. The era of mobiles has helped us to remove the barrier in our communications and make the work flow smooth. We continued it for some time then the new technology has joined the race Video conference through web. Now we can communicate each other by watching faces such as sitting face to face and having a talk. This has helped us to cut down the border, location and placements barriers. It has helped us in a lot of ways. It has given us plus points to add on.

Yes the technology called as Video conference (VC). This has evolved with different versions and technologies. VC joined the race of software and hardware. In both the VC's people used to connect through their Internet. For Software VC people need PC, Web cam and Microphone and for Hardware VC one display unit (May be LCD or LED for present versions), camera, codec and microphone as package. But for both VC's the backbone is Internet without which it cannot be connected and workable. It has helped the new generations to cut down the barriers and has really helped the professional approach of work to organizations. Through Software VC people can have conference as one to one or may be two. But if it is group conference then people can go for Hardware VC.

It has added benefits to its basket such as reduced travelling cost, Time, energy, happening meets over web for people belonging to different origins without moving from their place. Now even people are connecting through 3G and enjoying the speed of life. There is no worry where you are in the globe you can get connected through VC. Now Microsoft has added another product for VC by acquiring Skype. The tremendous use of it has really helped personal and professional life of many people. It is giving good benefits to get connected and share your information on web.

VC does have other features too, such as sharing your presentation or a multi-location call. In multi-location call people can join from different locations (1+3= host+ 3 places). This is a real helpful feature for the organizations placed in different locations. But Skype has really helped us to get connected in a free of cost. It has touched people for their personal calls and gets connected in this borderless globe.

In this market the leaders are CISCO, Polycom, Life-size, and Microsoft Skype who have dominated with their world class products and features. The next generation will have lot of options with VC. These will be a real technology for a borderless globe and for a better world.

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