Singing is a great boon. We all love to listen music and songs. Even we do sing songs when we love to. Some of us may be bathroom singers too. But end of the day we love songs and music. But it is really tough task to sing in a good tone and with parallel to the music. It is not easy to sing with the high and low tones, jazz songs, rock songs, romantic songs, classical songs and so on. Hence who can sing this in a better way is really blessed by God. It is really a boon for them. But all singers love to have a chance in the cinema or movies. This is the platform where singers can fulfill their dreams. This is not as easy as of dreaming. It is really hard to crack through the competition. The singers who were in the field came with hard work and struggle. They know the pain of going through the path. It was really a tough task to meet the musicians too. There was no such platform available for the singers to prove their talent. But at the present scenario it has changed completely. The upcoming singers are finding a platform to show their talent in front of audience and musicians. The shows like Indian Idol, Super singers are the best opportunities for the singers to prove their talent.

Indian Idol is such a show which has a great name in terms of quality and performance. The show which is in the fifth season of it has shown a great achievement in terms of candidates and interest. Those who were winners of this show for the last four seasons are in good positions. They have become celebrities. Hence it is become a trend for the present day young singers to prove their talent in Indian Idol and become a celebrity in short period of time. But this show gives a great opportunity for the upcoming singers. Even the runners in the last shows were become singers in their respective regions and movie industry. Hence it gives a great platform for the singers.

In the same way the shows in the state level such as Super singer in Andhra Pradesh also gives a great platform to sing. These shows not only give a chance but also a chance to learn from the legends in this field. Hence it is really an excellent opportunity for the upcoming singers. Even if they are losing in the show they can learn a lot from this. Hence it is really an excellent platform developed for the upcoming singers.

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