Database is a collection of data. The programs like MySQL, SQL will help you to store and retrieve data efficiently. These programs support the database to customize and build accordingly. Databases have different method and process to store and retrieve data and to organize the data on computer. The computer language SQL (Structured query language) is a known way of accessing, storing and retrieving the data. It is specially designed for accessing the database. There are other ways or known ways which supports SQL to access the data and MySQL is one of them.

MySQL is a relational database management system. It is highly and mostly used RDBMS in world. MySQL is owned by Oracle. It was previously owned by a Swedish firm MySQL AB. MySQL runs as a server providing multi user access to number of databases. It is highly used in World Wide Web products, For Ex: Facebook, Google and Wikipedia. It has lot of features which helps developers to develop better products for customers. It has distinguished features that other RDBMS cannot have.

Developers make use of its features and develop customized products. Developers can offer and work on different services to meet customer's need. The services can be Database development, database administration and maintenance, business intelligence, database trouble shooting, database optimization, Integration with MySQL and on. Depending upon the customer need the services can be offered. MySQL helps developers to build and develop database in an open source projects.

Developers use different technologies to build customized and required products. The technologies can be MySQL server database designing and development, MySQL Server programming, MySQL server reporting, MySQL Server database support and finally for testers QA and Testing.

The features of MySQL are Cross platform, stored procedures and triggers, updates, SSL support, embedded database library and on. Hence by using all these features developers can build and design different products with it. The complete features of MySQL help developers to build customized database.

The Free software or open source projects which needs complete features of a database management system use MySQL. Different CMS such as Typo3, Drupal, and Wordpress use MySQL database. It is highly used and known for using in web applications. With the combination of PHP we can create good projects on the web. It falls under the GNU General public license (GPL). It is equally good for high and medium traffic web sites. It was first released in January 1998. MySQL runs on all platforms and the feature of cross platform supports developers to build and access data accordingly. It is used in wide range of applications such as e-commerce, web applications and web databases. Hence MySQL is good for open source projects to build for and with complete features.

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