Brand is an identity, image, name, term, symbol or logo which is designed to satisfy the same need of the customer by differentiating competitors. For Ex: Maggi is a brand which satisfy the need (noodle in short time) of the customer than their competitors in local market too. If you go on than there will be lot of products which are branded and satisfy the customers' needs at the initial stage. For a company to make a brand identity or to make their brand aware it takes a lot of time. It is important for a company to work on different strategies of marketing to build the brand image. If a company follows all the branding attributes then for sure it is going to create a brand for itself. The branding attributes can be uniqueness, relevance, sustainable, appealing and inspirable. If a product or company follows these steps then it can make a brand for itself in the market.
But do it really sustain for a long time is the question may hit our mind. It is true if the brand does not sustain for a longer time in the consumers mind set then it is very much difficult to be in line with the competitive brands. If any of the branding attributes are failed or it may happen any up and downs in the policies then also the brand gets a failure nod. Hence it is necessary for a brand to follow or obey certain patterns to be in consumers mind set.

It is difficult for a brand to sustain a long time as the market and technology is moving ahead like anything. It is becoming a task for the organizations to rethink on their branding strategies. But what does really happen if a brand gets failure, Do It needs to stop or is there anything that can make it survive? Yes, if something is going wrong in the branding then for sure you can really think on "Brand Repositioning".

Brand Repositioning helps the company to reposition its brand image in the mind-set of the consumer with a different identity. Companies go ahead with brand repositioning for various reasons a few of it may be Changing consumer needs, Competition and decline in sales numbers, quality, pricing, approach and etc. Let's go ahead with few examples, when Dettol launched its soap in the market it was positioned as beauty soap but whereas it has positioned itself as an anti-septic solution in the market earlier in consumers mind set. Hence it was bit difficult for a consumer to accept as beauty soap and for a company to penetrate in the market of beauty soap segment. Then Dettol repositioned itself as antiseptic soap to penetrate the market .The consumers accepted well.

Pizza hut in India repositioned itself from a position of affordability to the new dine in space; It has repositioned its logo, tagline too. This is being done by Pizza Hut to differentiate itself from the competitive market. BATA India had a failure with the sales figure were down for some period of time. It got failure because of the consumers thinking such as traditional approach, same models, no innovation; prices are high, degradable in quality. At the same time Adidas and Reebok were aggressive in the market. By understanding the reasons BATA repositioned its brand. They came up with new look of stores, Innovative models, Cost efficient products, Long hours of store opening for customer friendly environment and so on. They are implementing new branding strategies to regain the market and they are doing it so. Hence it is being understood that for a company to regain its share in the market it is important to sustain its brand or to reposition its brand according to the situation.

Let's discuss with few other examples where companies have changed branding strategies to reposition itself in a proactive manner. When AIRTEL launched its 3G services, it thought to convey that they are the next generation service providers and hence they have changed their logo as well as ads to communicate the message. The same way Godrej India does with its logo. It has changed its logo colour to reposition in the consumers mind-set that we are still there and we have reorganized our policies and strategies to help consumers. Dabur India repositioned itself as a Major FMCG company from a Pharma company image in the market. If we go on then the companies have implemented different branding strategies to beat the competition and to sustain in the market.

Hence it is important for a company to do necessary marketing activities and strategies to sustain in the market for a longer time with revamping research activities and making parallel products and services with the updates in the market.

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