Marketing is a process to fulfill the customer needs . To cater the customer needs every company does something. "The Integrated process by which companies interact with customers and build good relationship in order to capture the return value from them, is Marketing". So here we are clear with the process , But if we think on a fundamentals then what is really Marketed is the question comes to our mind. So, if we discuss then there are Some entities which gets marketed.

Those Entities can be

1. Goods: The most basic thing which gets marketed is Goods. Most of the companies look at mass production and Marketing of goods. It can be machines, Industrial Chemicals, Watches and many more. Not only companies but also those who ever does marketing they think of the basic marketing is Goods.

2. Services: After goods, the other thing that companies look out for marketing is Services. It can be related to hotels,Air lines, Maintenance and repair and so on. Even now a days most of the companies are looking for the marketing of Services. The present scenario is the mixture of goods and services, where the customer is giving equal importance to both.

3. Events: The other stage of Marketing is Events. The marketing of Events is now fetching a good amount of Profit in terms of brand to the companies. The companies always look at time based or according to the situation events for marketing. The events can be Trade shows, Artistic or Musicians performance, Sports events and so on. The Events always planned perfectly and gets the result also perfectly.

4. Experiences: This can be very few, But the experience can be in terms of feeling . If we discuss, Then Amusement park, Restaurant, Water Park, Film City, Gardens with Enjoyment, all these gives an Experience while we are there. So, these are also a point of Marketing.

5. Persons: Here the persons means Celebrity for Brand Promotions and Awareness. Most of the film stars and Sports persons became a weapon for branding . They have become brand in their profession and in Endorsements too.

6. Places: This can be the reference to the marketing of real estates . Not only real estate , the other places marketing can be commercial agents, local business associations, and tourism too. The government always shows about the resource availability, and tries to attract foreign or Domestic Investments there. So this is one way of marketing.

7. Property: This can be of Financial or Real. The financial one can be Stocks and Bonds, And the real Property can be real estate. Investment companies at the present scenario are growing in a speed manner. So they are marketing themselves like anything. The investments can be from Institutional or Individual .

8. Information and Ideas: Now for Marketing to add value most of the companies are looking for Information marketing too. And, most of the marketing can be found in Schools and Universities, which are Distributing price , other things to parents and Students. Apart from this most of the companies are working out for the marketing of ideas. The differentiation of Ideas marketing are really working out, and most of them are in Advertising .

9. Companies or Firms: Most of the firms are looking to build themselves as a Corporate Identity in terms of branding and Image. They are marketing themselves in such a way to build reputed public image , So as to sustain for long term in competitive markets. So, the marketing theme also works for themselves . They are working out marketing with all new strategies to market themselves.

So, from the above we can say that the present scenario is in such a manner that every one is looking at Marketing. Not only the above there is each one looking at marketing . All this is because of the heavy competition .

About Author / Additional Info:
An MBA from GITAM University, India, with experience in marketing .

Reference: Philip Kotler