We do work more on the subjects which we love. We feel that if we do well in certain subjects then we will get good marks and percentage. But do these marks will really help in future? Is the question we should think of. Whatever be the class we are in or whatever be the subjects we are studying this question comes to mind that how much we have to work to get good marks.

Even our surroundings are like that, we people think that getting good marks is studying well. But by making the concepts by hurt do not help you in the future.
It may help you at the present time to get good marks and percentage. But it may not help you much in future. It is better to study hard by understanding the concept and get good marks. If you do so this helps you out in terms of concept knowledge, marks, and percentage for future studies and work opportunities.

Starting from the schooling we work hard only for marks. We never look at concepts. Because the future studies like Engineering, Medicine, administration etc ask us marks for eligibility. But getting a seat in these areas without concept knowledge does not help you to perform better in the future. For Ex: you have taken Engineering as your stream of line. But you are not good at your science subjects like physics and chemistry. Then you cannot perform well in the future.

Hence it is better to work hard on the concepts. Making clarity in the concepts will help you out to perform well.

• You can have a good analytical capability
• Well Application of the concepts.
• Thinking out of the box.
• Doing things in a planned manner.
• Better performance

Hence by understanding the concepts you can do better in the application of it. Until and unless you understand well for the concept you cannot implement it. There is no doubt that getting good percentage will help you out in future. But it is advisable to get good marks by understanding the concepts well.

About Author / Additional Info:
An MBA from GITAM University,India