A sale is about number game. At the present scenario of competitive world every organization requires a sales team to handle their products and to introduce them to the market. It is being observed in common that after completing MBA Marketing people are joining in sales as a fresher in SME companies where few companies give training for a period of one week and then leave them on to the field to hunt for numbers. The hunt begins for prospects and closures for a longer time but no results are out. This shows that there is something is missing in the practical approach. Hence if the analysis goes well then we can conclude that one of the concepts of sale may be missing in the process i.e. M A N. To know more let's put forward some points.

The first hit comes to mind what is M A N? The different sounding of the word can conclude as Money, Authority and Need. After following the process of SPANCO in sales people may be missing this or to close the deal we need to understand and go through this. A well planned salesman goes through a process of Suspect, Prospect, Approach (M A N), negotiation, closure and order. But as per the present trend sales people are spending less time in S&P and moving quickly to Negotiation stage, which in turn putting them under pressure for keeping the order pending for a longer time. In the prospect funnel it shows at negotiation stage but it will not happen a closure for a longer time. If you analyse why it is not happening then you have missed MAN in approach.

Let's understand about MAN. MAN is someone who has Money, Authority and Need. The decision maker for the project or for the Purchase order to release. In an organization there are lot of people are involved in the process hence it is the duty of a salesman to find out who is MAN and need to meet him or her at the earliest after the prospect stage i.e. in the approach stage. While meeting the MAN salesman should not waste his or her time and should come on to the point of answers depending upon the profile of MAN. In a smaller organization the MAN will the managing director/partner/proprietor but for a bigger organization there will be BOD (Board of Directors) depending upon your product line category it may differ. Hence it is important to find out MAN at the earliest stage to avoid difficulties.

Sometimes it may happen that you have followed process and discussed with MAN for your order but it's not done yet. Then there comes two reasons for the same, one is you have not convinced him or her. The second reason may be because of their internal process. Hence it is suggestible to go ahead with few tips for closing the order while meeting the MAN. Try to focus more on S&P stage to find out everything about the account and MAN which can makes you easier for the next job. Then while meeting MAN be prepared for the call, Be ABC- Always Be Closing try to close the deal in every aspect, focus on necessary talks rather than on unnecessary one, Be groom yourself well, Be prepare with the answers for your product and pricing because it may happen that you have convinced MAN and he or she wants to close the deal. It is advisable to be with Price and complete Information with you for closure while meeting MAN.

If you have followed everything on a professional approach then for sure on a longer run you will be hitting the top number in sales.

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