Now a day's entertainment is being defined as Movies. Movies give us a complete entertainment and Relaxation. The largest percentage of people loves to watch movies irrespective of thinking and nature. We prefer to watch movies according to our choice. Sometimes we watch the movies depending upon the situation and time. End of the day we watch the movie. Hence it becomes necessary for the Cine Team to make good movies and reach the customers expectations. Therefore they are using some of the Marketing Tools to make the movie hit and reach the customers expectations.

The Cine Industries in India such as Bollywood and Tollywood follow some mantra to make the movie hit. Here they have adopted few marketing tools to hit the market. The tools can be

1. Branding and Promotions
2. Star Cast
3. Director of the movie.
4. Music Mantra
5. Issues
6. Hype/Expectations
7. Storyline ( Message Oriented)
8. Audio Release functions
9. Press Meet
10. Media Partners
11. Banner / Productions
12. Success Meet

Hence these are some of the factors that they consider to make the movie hit and meet the customers' expectations.

1. Branding and Promotions: This plays a great role to make the movie a hit in the market. Brand of the movie cannot be created in a short period of time. This can be done by working from past years. The brand can be build because of the banner, productions, and actors and so on. These factors help them to build the brand over the years. Promotions play a vital role for the movies. The trailers and wall posters are many important than other factors. If the trailer is good enough and is showing the depth of the movie then people will definitely love to watch the movie. Apart from that wall posters should be good and catchy. If these are good then they can catch the attention of their target customers.
Here they work more on Trailers, Advertisement on autos, Taxis, Hoardings, Buses, websites and blogs, to catch the attention of public. If anything new is there then it works for them. For ex: The activities done by Amir Khan before the release of Ghajini and 3Idiots. As he went to the corners of the country to meet people and know their tastes about movies. In this way he promoted even 3Idiots movie too. It worked well for them. If the promotions are good then there will not be any problem.

2. Star Cast: This is also a great tool to help the movie for a hit. The hit depends upon the famous stats acted in the movie. If the stars are good at that time and have good name among the audience then it works for sure. For Ex: The movies like Mohabatein worked well because of the star cast. Hence this is one of the factor to make the movie hit. The fans of the stars and their associations make the movie a hit. They love to do anything for their favorite stars.

3. Director of the Movie: Depending upon the director of the movie also it makes a hit. But this works over a period of time. It takes two to three movies for the director, and that to deliver good movies. For Ex: RGV's movies work well, even with weak promotions also. This works well at Tollywood. Most of the people prefer to check the director's name. They believe that good directors always deliver good movies. For Ex: Mani Ratnam, Shankar, S S Raja Mouli, Puri Jaganath, Srinu Vaitla, Krish and so on. People feel that these people will give them a movie with paisa vasool.

4. Music Mantra: This works depending upon the music director of the movie. If the music director is having good name then the movie will work out. For ex: Slum dog Millionaire had a hit because of A R Rahman's Music. The same way some movies in south India works on Music, which is called as Musical Hit after the movie releases.

5. Issues: This is a new tool for the Industry people to stay in the limelight. Some times because of the political, social, cultural issues also the movie stays in the light for some days. This makes the public to think on that and go for the movie to watch. They always stay in anxiety to know more about the source of issue. They check by watching the movie.

6. Hype/ Expectations: if the movie is having good expectations then for sure the movie hits the jackpot. This may be of the reasons like star, director, trailers etc. And if at all there is a hype created by the team also works for the movie to fetch the money.

7. Story Line: Here comes the tool of importance. If the story of the movie is good and there is no good star cast, Music, and other related factors of the movie also makes a hit. Now a day's people are looking at movies with good story and Message oriented one. If the movie is a message oriented one with good stars in it then its hit movie for sure. For ex: The movie like 3Idiots has worked well with the same theme.

8. Audio Release functions: This works well in the Tollywood. This is to make people aware of the music, star cast, director, story line, and for hype. This works with every movie in Tollywood. This is also a tool for the movie to make a hit.

9. Press meet: This is before the release of the movie or while shooting of the movie takes place. The production team calls for a press meet this is to make the fans and audience aware for the movie. This works well in the both the industries.

10. Media Partners: This is become a new tool for the industry people to partner with media. This will help them for promotions and to avoid unnecessary circumstances. The movies are in tie up with news channels to help them out in promotions.

11. Banner and Productions: This is one of the tools to make the movie hit. This may be done over the years. It cannot be done in a short period of time. The banners and productions catch good number of people to watch the movie. For Ex: AVM, Yash Raj, Sony, Fox, Smt. Venkateswara and so on.

12. Success Meet: This is done after the movie released and gets a hit. This is thank the audience for making the movie hit. Even this to show the team work of them. The work from each and every person of the team to make the movie hit. In this way the movie catches some more people.

Hence these are some of the tools that is being used by Tollywood and Bollywood teams to make the movie a hit. `

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