Sales and Marketing both are such words that most of the people by theoretically or practically think that both are equal , Even the profiles are also same. But, at the end of the day if we go in depth then we can find the differences between these , and we can conclude some of the important tips for sales and Marketing. So to know better about these two we should analyse the functions of sales and Marketing. Before going for analysis we should know what is exactly sales and Marketing?

So to start up with Sales, we can say it is as an activity which includes selling of Products or services in return of money or any compensation. It can be said as a Commercial Activity. In terms from management gurus we can say that it is the job which influences customer to buy what company has produced. In sales it involves the processes of completing deal prior to payment or raising the obligation of payment. Even if the sales is done with out the exact price also the deal can be closed but prior to raising the purchase order we need to take care of deal and Price as well as terms & Conditions.

Sales can be of different forms , it may be Direct sales, Pro forma sales, agency based, travelling sales(Door to Door) ,B2B,Electronic or through Media. So there are different ways of sales . The main theme is to get the business from the customer to achieve the profit for the organisation.Sales has different techniques to reach the customer . It may be conceptual selling,Strategic selling,Consultative selling,Reverse selling and many more. so by different ways of selling we try to reach the customer for our sales. So there are different techniques and modes for the sales. its about sales and if we go for marketing then it can be as follows.

Marketing is the process where the companies try to analyse the present situation of market and try to introduce the product or service which will give customer satisfaction or by the interest of the customer. It is an integrated process through which companies create value for customers and build strong customer relationships in order to capture value from customers in return. So by building relationship through the utilization of sales and Business Development as well as Communication.

Marketing is the process to identify the customer and satisfy the customer needs and wants by applying different form of strategies. It can be said as Marketing is one of the major functions of Business management. The term marketing concept holds that achieving organizational goals depends on knowing the needs and wants of target markets and delivering the desired satisfactions. So if we look in these Angeles then , definitely marketing is to apply techniques to have a healthier relationship with the customer and to keep satisfying his needs and wants by updating ourselves.

Marketing consists of Different forms of strategies to achieve the organizations goals and to satisfy the customer. It can be taking care of Marketing Environment such as Macro and Micro analysis of organization, then Product mix, Marketing Research, marketing Planning,Marketing Communication as well New product development and many more. In marketing job it influences the company to produce what customer needs.

Sales is to increase the current volume and Sales quotas, but where as marketing is to increase appropriate volumes through product and customer mixes as well as by applying the strategies. In sales we focus on Individual customer to focus on the factor influencing current events , but in marketing we do think of the proper utilization of the things for the Strategies to have a long term relationship with the customer by solving their problems . Sales check with the todays program , todays problem to solve , and in marketing it takes care of the goal of the organization for the long term benefits. Sales is a tactical or skillful explanation to achieve the result Immediately as to work with the current plan. But where as in Marketing, it looks for different strategies in focus by planning and Direction to achieve the Big picture for the company i.e to get the best in long term by satisfying customer needs as if to stay healthy with company and Customer. Sales Consists of work in field ,Calling Customers etc. But, In Marketing it takes care of research,Planning, Organizing, Methods of Implementation ,office work and Analysis as if to achieve the goal by looking at long term prospect. Marketing and sales are very different, but have the same goal. Marketing improves the selling environment and plays a very important role in sales. So if we take care of the above discussion then it can be concluded that both are very much needed for any organization so as to work in short term and stay healthier for long term.

So to Conclude it Both are required for the organization, But "Sales always prefer to talk and Marketing always Listens to solve the further activities." The main aim or goal of both the function is same.

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