Earlier days it was the time to fight for the fairness creams for women. Fairness was the property for women only. But when the trend has changed, instead of women it's time for men to think of fairness. Yes, at the present trend it is the property for men who are running behind the creams to be more handsome. The company Emami when launched the cream "fair and handsome for men" was a great turning point in the market. People started thinking in a new way. Companies went through this strategy and started competitive products to fight the competition.

HUL came up with "fair and lovely-menz active" to have its share in the market. As HUL is the only player who has largest sharing in the market for this type of products? Hence HUL came up with this product so as to beat Emami. It did well with the product. But Emami played a great role in building the trend for men. And Even the player like Garnier has not left the place vacant; they came up with Power men with brand ambassador John Abraham.

Even the saloon people started working in the same passion; they came up with beauty salon for men instead of handsome. The local players also tied up the salon players for their products for men. They came up with the strategy to enhance men about their face glow and fairness. And the trend is really like that which forced most of men to go for that.

After creams, now it's time for face wash. Everyuth came up with the face wash for men by concentrating on the strategy like pollution control, oil control and oxy bleach. Again it is the turn for HUL to fight for this product and came up with Vaseline face wash for men with the brand ambassador Sahid Kapoor. Hence HUL is fighting hard to beat the competition. Even Garnier came up with the same strategy and type of product.

Hence it all depends upon customer to choose the product. It even depends upon the brand and its image in the market. The brand ambassadors of the products can make a difference. Even the sales officers of the company that is the front end of the company can really make a difference. Hence it is all about " Fairness cream war for men".

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