The match against Pakistan on Saturday was a fantastic match for Indian Team. The match was like an exam for both the sides. The match was full of entertainment, anxiety, suspense, tension and in an overall it was an emotional match for both the sides. Indian team did well with their bowling and restricted Pakistan to 267. But the batting was not so good as it was expected in the opening.

The boys like Gambhir and Raina did well with the leader Dhoni. In the bowling attack it was P.Kumar who changed the scenarios. The Batting was good enough with the partnership of Gambhir and Dhoni. But the arguments in between the match with the against team made the match more Interesting for audience and players too. After the out of Dhoni the hopes for Indian team were in tough boat. But Raina did well with his capability of hitting long sixes. Then after his wicket it was really a tough call to win the match, but as said "Singh is King" Harbhajan did it for India. For the score of 3 runs from 2 balls he made the ball to meet the audience of the stadium with his six in the last but one ball.

It was really a fantastic match from both the end. The Pakistan team also played very well to defend the match. But a commitment effort from Indian team made them to win the match. The team effort with a good leader's strategy made the team to hit the winning knot. It was really a great comeback from the team after the loss at Zimbabwe. The match in an overall manner was an emotional touch for the audience.

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