Is planning of sales Kit required for a sales call? Or we have to move like that on the field to prospective customers is the query comes to our mind before doing a sales call. Let's focus on it. The salesmen who join in the organizations as a fresher they have lot of energy and passion to do something in sales. Hence I thought it will be good to showcase the important topic of sales which is well required.

To get results and to make the workflow in a smoother way planning is must whatever be the line it may go. For a sales call it is highly important to have proper planning. Organizing things and making your day according to the plan will really benefit you to render better results.

Let's divide the calls into cold, warm and Hot. Depending upon the call you have to arrange your kit accordingly. For a sales call a kit is must. Brochures, catalogues, demo kit if any, price readings, product knowledge, pen, your diary or planner, apart from this another notes is required for a rough usage, visiting card folder and holder etc. Once you are done with your sales kit you have to plan things accordingly before moving for calls of different status.

For Cold call- For these kinds of calls you are moving for the first time where even you do not know who are there and who to meet for a sales pitch. But for these kinds of calls also you can make a planning before moving. Have your complete kit with you importantly all the brochures and visiting cards are important. If you cannot meet anyone you can drop those for a revert call.

For warm call- For these kinds of call can happen when the sales process is in mid-way. For e.g.: you have given the quote but no response from the customer yet. Here you have to plan for giving a call on phone to customer before moving or even if you reach directly you have to carry all the quotes what you have send earlier with you. You should act proactively by holding everything in hand for the call.
For Hot call: For these kinds of call you have to carry all the quotes you have send earlier with revised one too, final prices with you, all the terms and conditions ready with you like delivery, warranty etc., this type of calls are for closing of order. Hence you need to be more careful before moving.

Hence you have to plan your sales calls accordingly and depending upon your territory, role, targets you have to look for number of calls need to do per day. For eg: if it is a big city then you can plan for 4-5 calls per day where at least two calls should be cold ones. Hence sales kit and sales call planning are much important for rendering better results.

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