What is a goal? It can be a desire to achieve through proper planning and organizing things. A goal is necessary for each individual to achieve something in their life. Even it is even much important for an organization. Each organization has their goals to achieve. They focus on their mission and vision to achieve in the fixed timelines. To achieve those they follow lot of steps and paths. They prepare many processes to reach their objective. Whatever be the size of the organization the goal is necessary for them to achieve. But do it really happens in a better way or the organizations face lot of problems while achieving this is the query comes to our mind. Yes organizations face lot of hectic for achieving the goal. They have to take care of lot of processes to go through a streamlined process. When you talk about individuals goal then you the one person who has to take responsibility and planning to achieve your vision, But for an organization it is the team effort that counts. Hence for each organization to reach the goal they have to handle the team goals too. Inclusive of all team goals can make the organization to reach their overall goal. For Ex: In an organization there are so many departments according to their line of business work. There can be sales, marketing, QA, IT, Procurement, finance and accounts, admin, HR and on. If all these departments will reach their goals then only the organization can reach its goal.

Hence it is very much necessary for the top level management to plan and implement the process in such a way that they can reach the goal accordingly. A goal plan can easily make the organization to rework on their processes and achieve their objective on time. Goal plan can really help the team to build and stream line the work process in their organization.
Few advantages of Goal Plan:

 To be more organized, Professional, planned.
 Increase the Productivity.
 For transparency in process.
 For long and short term goals.
 % of achievement
 Review process.
 Leads can know daily plan of employees.
 Last but not least, achieving the objective or the Goal plan.

Daily goal plan make your team to render few of the best results as of the above. This can be a helpful tool for the internal teams of the organization to achieve and review their plans on daily and even in weekly basis. Now a day in market there are software available based on these concepts to support the organizations for achieving their objectives. This can be used as an ERP in systems and can be implemented for a better goal achievement. Hence a Goal plan can really help the organization to implement on its plans and executions to achieve their mission and vision in quality.

About Author / Additional Info:
I am Head sales and Marketing