"Advertising is any paid form of non personal presentation and promotion of ideas of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor" (Philip Kotler). It is the cost effective way of passing the large percentage of audience. The advertisement is the best way for the companies to pass their message. Audience or customer gets aware by advertisements only. Hence it plays a vital role for the companies to reach the audience.

After liberalization most of us own an idiot box, the necessity of today's world. Television plays a great role to pass the message. It is the only thing where people watch programs. After the development in television technology, most of the audience bought it. Highest number of players entered in the market with innovative products and technology. To support this cable channels raised, then after that the development of DTH made the companies more convenient to reach the audience.

The advertisements become a most popular in the TV programs. The advertisements may be of different types

• Informative advertising
• Persuasive advertising
• Reminder advertising
• Reinforcement advertising

Hence in these ways the advertisements work. In the initial days the advertisements were very formal. These were used only to pass the message. After that it becomes the use of Actors, Actress as brand ambassadors in advertisements to promote the products. Then it comes social context advertisements which touch the social activities by making people aware of the company and products.

When the cricket got its popularity among people, companies started giving advertisements at that time. Most of the advertisements were given at that time as it is the program where lot of people love to watch. Companies or communication companies try to put the advertisements in between the popular programs to make the public aware. They tried use different form of advertisement with cricketers, sports persons, Actors, Actress and women.

Most of the advertisements then on passed the information with touching the reality factors. The advertisements passed to the next level by touching the pet relationship effects. For ex: Hutch with the pet dog. Then it passed to another mode such as relationships. For Ex: Airtel's advertisements touching father and son relationship. Then it's time to entertain people with their creative brains. The advertisements like Vodafone's zoo zoo. These become most popular advertisements by passing the information and entertainment to the audience.

Then the advertisements with logic and entertainment entered the region. For Ex: Sprite ad of dog and girl flirting. Hence these become popular. But the present scenario has changed with advertisements of Samsung mobile and Godrej. They have started the advertisements with story based lines. For ex: the Guru Series mobile of Amir Khan with the family. Then it's Godrej with Go Jiyo of animations with the animated characters.

The advertisements took different turns such as

• With Brand ambassadors. ( All most all brands)
• Touching social points ( Idea, Aircel)
• With logic and Entertainment ( Sprite)
• With pet and love (Hutch)
• With relationships ( Banking and insurance)
• With youth ( Virgin)
• Partner or couple advertisement ( Ash Abhi in Lux, Kareena saif in Airtel)
• With animated characters ( Vodafone's Zoo Zoo)
• With story based line ( Samsung Mobile, Godrej Go Jiyo)

Hence the companies are touching the factors which can easily reach the audience. In this way the companies used tools with their third party communication companies to reach the audience. The future of advertisement may change a lot because of these up to date factors.

About Author / Additional Info:
An MBA from GITAM University,India