Brands do not have much influence in the rural market. But once the company has a brand image then there will be no problem for them to sustain in the market. The regional brands have good image in the market. This may be of many reasons. There are different ways of outlook for them to reach the market or to fight with the global brands.
The reasons can be

• Cable channels and their network: Due to the development of technology the TV and cable has spread their network in the remote locations. They have reached the all areas irrespective of boundaries. The advertising costs become low and which have done a great job for the local brands to advertise in the cable channels and to make aware the local people. Regional or local players are giving advertisements in local cable TV channels and tapping the local market.

• Understanding: As they are the local players, they understand well about the customer's needs. They can find easily about their daily routine and work. Hence depending upon that they can cater the products which can fulfill their needs.

• Lower cost: They maintain lower operational cost structure. Therefore it gives an impact on the other activities such as product price, promotions, credit etc. it adds value to the product.

• One to one relationship: The relationship with the channel partners, customers is very healthier one. They maintain healthier relationship with everyone which makes an impact on their sales they do have schemes such as to take back of the products in case of huge stocks. They do work on credit systems to sell more number of products. Because of this personal touch the regional players get clicked in the market.

• Entrepreneurship: Due to the small set up they react fast to the requirements and customer feedback. The entrepreneurship spirit makes them to face the competitive challenges. They easily capitalize on the weakness of the national brands. They are more proactive in their approach.

Apart from all these, they do different activities to tap the market. There are some key things where the national brands lack of.

1. Fast to react on the needs
2. Fast on the pricing decision
3. Takes care of customer feedback

The regional brands like Anchor toothpaste, Ghari detergent, Parakh foods have their success stories due to the exact application of the business strategies.

About Author / Additional Info:
An MBA from GITAM University,India

Reference: Mr. Balaram Dogra and Mr. Karminder Ghuman