Advertisement or promotions are the key to make people aware of the product or service from the company. It is to pass the message of the company to the target audience. According to Mr. Kotler "Advertising is paid form of non-personal presentation and promotions of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor". Hence advertisement really works well for the message to pass at the target audience.

Hence at the present trend if we check then there are different ways of strategies that have been developed by the companies to pass the message to the target audience. Telecom players do make good and attractive advertisements to the target audience. The advertisements like Zoo Zoo from Vodafone, Relationship based ad from Air Tel and Brand ambassador advertisements with Regional actors, Hrithiks ad from Reliance, DoCoMo's all advertisements in the recent trend are very attractive. It has done its job for which they have invested lot of money. Then now it's the turn of the Public Sectors like S.B.I who has come up with a great idea in the new advertisement. It has clearly defined the Message and their operations. It has shown that every Indian is their customer.

These ads are really good and attractive. Even the advertisement from AXE is also good which is showing the real message of the product which is meant to designed. Even the promotions of the daily serials are also well designed that most of the audience are waiting in front of the TV to watch it. The advertisements which are coming in the running radio are also helping the companies to fetch audience. The advertisement of Rexona with 2nd Honey Moon is also working out well for their sales.

Hence advertisements are really helpful for the company to pass the message and push the sales figure for the quarter. Therefore the advertisements with strategies and attractiveness are really working out for the companies to fulfill the required target.

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