Education is a process where knowledge, skills and intellectuals are transmitted and exchanged from one generation to the next. It has a great role to play in our life. It makes us intelligent, gives us attitude, makes us to behave well and last but not least provides us common sense to go further in our life. It has a multi role to play in our life. We gain lot of knowledge through education only.

"Education is not preparation for life; Education is life itself- John Dewey"

As rightly said by Mr John Dewey Education is the life itself. Yes for the present trend we need to have knowledge and ability to do the work. Once you are able enough success will surely follow you. The rise in competition has made students to work hard on marks and grades but not on concepts to understand the application of it and make them able. In this regard technology has really given a boom to education. It has partnered to education for growth.

In the earlier days people used to study under tree with standing blackboard and chalk, then we moved to classroom sessions with blackboard and chalk, thirdly we moved to whiteboard and markers, moving to fourth step we have started using projectors and Computers in classrooms, In the fifth step we made Interactive board, Interactive projector and Interactive classroom sessions with 3D effects, and finally now we are talking about tablets replacing books. If we clearly observe the pattern then we move ahead like anything but with a support of technology only.

The technology has really made us today proud for developing the recent generation sharper. E learning has given new hopes and life to this generation. Students can easily know what they have been taught for. For Ex: If something is taught for heart functions then they can easily check on Internet with videos and interactive sessions in classroom with the latest educational software. The Educational software has really made the industry much better. The companies like Educomp, Next learning have changed the phase of education. Students are experiencing a new technique of studying and learning. It is well known that instead of studying hard if we can understand and learn then we can grasp and memorise the things for a longer period of time. This is happening on real basis at present. Companies are working on apps for the mobile to develop much better experience for students to learn. Mobile apps and Interactive studying experience for students have made them to learn the things in a new manner.

As per the present discussion tablets may be replacing books in India. If so then students can learn and expand themselves quickly. They can gain ample of knowledge from this vast internet library in a better way.

"Things are moving like a wheel, transformations are happening every day. Let's work on better education so that we can experience a better tomorrow ".

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