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  • Is Social Media Marketing Beneficial? ( 4981 reads)   

    Social Media Marketing is a platform where people share and like the content which they like most. It is from the research found that 75% of people in social media love to share the posted content if they really like it. - Category: Sales-Marketing
  • We and the Digital Marketing ( 4381 reads)   

    What exactly is 'Digital Marketing'. To be more in common terms it is marketing over Internet or doing marketing over Web 2.0 technology. Yes, marketing through different on line channels and mobile is called as Digital Marketing. - Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Thank You Sachin Tendulkar For Inspiring Me ( 3063 reads)   

    Sachin has refined the way of playing cricket. That is why he is called as a God of Cricket. I pray for him to stay fit and keep us inspiring, concluding this as Sachiiiiin....Sachin - Category: Sports
  • SEO- Search Engine Optimization- Phase I ( 6710 reads)   

    Search Engine optimization is a process of search query and displayed web pages under the search engine box as results. But how the process works is the query? Let's Discuss... - Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Customer Satisfaction - Part 1 ( 3621 reads)   

    Customer service is not a department, it's everyone's job.Question is that, who is going to answer the pain of the customer? - Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Confused, Outsource It ( 2462 reads)   

    Gone are the days where you are worried of managing things at your own risk. Trend says, 'Outsource'. Two things, what is Outsourcing and Why to Outsource? - Category: Others
  • MySQL Development in Brief ( 2459 reads)   

    MySQL is a relational database management system. It is highly and mostly used RDBMS in world. MySQL is owned by Oracle. - Category: Technology
  • Cricket: 4-1 Win For India Vs. SL ( 2757 reads)   

    India has given a boost for their ranking by moving to the second number in ICC ranking of ODI. They have picked Micromax cup by beating Sri Lanka 4-1. - Category: Sports
  • Interactive Classrooms ( 2500 reads)   

    Classrooms are turning Interactive. Students are enjoying the new mode of learning. Technology is helping students to enjoy the lessons and learn quickly - Category: Education
  • Comedy is Important in Telugu Movies ( 3658 reads)   

    A state where entertainment is of high preference,people will love to enjoy the movie with a good comedy track in it. - Category: Entertainment
  • Information Display Systems in Brief ( 2873 reads)   

    Information is the message which is required to be conveyed from one party to the other. For everything in this world we need information to pass on. Information is the important part of communication. - Category: Technology
  • Planning of Sales Kit ( 3807 reads)   

    Is planning of sales Kit required for a sales call? Or we have to move like that on the field to prospective customers is the query comes to our mind before doing a sales call. Let's focus on it. - Category: Sales-Marketing
  • What is ( 4281 reads) is a web application framework. It is being build and designed by Microsoft. The application of is to build dynamic websites, web applications and web services. - Category: Technology
  • Audio Conference System ( 3859 reads)   

    Communication has really changed the phase. It has helped us to reach people over mobile without any movement in physical. We communicate to all the people who are even away from us. There is no barrier for borders as rightly said it is a borderless world. - Category: Technology
  • Creative and Attractive Advertisements ( 7965 reads)   

    Advertisement is the mode of promotion of goods, ideas, services, products with a sponsor. It is used as a tool to pass the message for the target audience. Hence the aim of advertisement or ad is to pass the needy message to the target group of customers within a limited time period. - Category: Sales-Marketing
  • India Initiated Their First Win at SL ( 2089 reads)   

    After Asia cup, India played against SL at their home ground on July 21, 2012. The match was a complete entertainer for cricket fans. - Category: Sports
  • Attitude- to Look For ( 2442 reads)   

    An attitude can be defined as a positive or negative outlook of a person. It is the way a person behaves or acts. This can be identified through the works done by the person. Even the way the person behaves will really show the attitude of the person. - Category: Others
  • Role of KAM in Sales in Brief ( 4013 reads)   

    KAM/CAM- Key account manager or corporate account manager is the new tag or designation for a salesman in this corporate world. The B2B sales have really emerged with few skills for a salesman to be. role of a KAM is much important. - Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Goal For Productivity ( 3066 reads)   

    A goal is necessary for each individual to achieve something in their life. Even it is even much important for an organization. Each organization has their goals to achieve. - Category: Management
  • Does Fun Required at Workplace? ( 3947 reads)   

    This is for fun and live life happily. Corporates have taken different steps to make and include fun in the workplace so that employees can enjoy working. - Category: Entertainment
  • What is PHP? (Sofware Development) ( 3468 reads)   

    This is for a brief idea of PHP and application. PHP is widely used server side scripting language for building websites. As it can be embedded in HTML we can edit date and times and manage web cookies with it. - Category: Technology
  • What to Look For in a Projector For Conference Room? ( 2906 reads)   

    This is a brief description to know what to look for in a projector before purchase. - Category: Technology
  • Video Conference - For a Better World ( 3332 reads)   

    This is about a brief description for video conference and its advantages. - Category: Technology
  • Be ORGANIZED For a Smooth Work Flow ( 4464 reads)   

    This is a brief plan for getting organized and to complete the work on time.Each of us works on different aspects and tasks every day. We have lot of things to do in our list. We never focus on how and when to do? By which we always forget to do some of the works or we may skip few work to finish that day's tasks. - Category: Self-Improvement
  • Technology Changing Education ( 2996 reads)   

    This is about technology and changing pattern of education a brief idea. - Category: Education
  • 'Eega'- Most Awaited and Animated Movie ( 3738 reads)   

    This is about the expected live animation movie Eega of tollywood industry. - Category: Entertainment
  • What is Microsoft Sharepoint? ( 2272 reads)   

    This article is for an idea of Microsoft sharepoint and its advantages. - Category: Technology
  • Differential Advertisements ( 3422 reads)   

    This article is for the new trend of advertisements and how well they are communicating us? - Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Prefer MBA After Graduation ( 2387 reads)   

    This is article is to brief you about Management studies after graduation. - Category: Education
  • Thrilling Semi-final DD Vs. CSK ( 3099 reads)   

    This article is about the second semi final of IPL 2012. Delhi Daredevils (DD) is on a good position in IPL 2012. They were on the top of points table and played their first semi-final against KKR on Tuesday. - Category: Sports
  • Changed the Game - Dhoni ( 3466 reads)   

    This article is about the attacking avatar of MS Dhoni aganist MI in Eliminator match of IPL 2012. - Category: Sports
  • Scroaching Heat and Precautions ( 2399 reads)   

    This article is about summer, scroaching heat and to take some precations accordingly. - Category: Others
  • Raining Sixes in IPL- RCB Vs DD ( 3341 reads)   

    This for the RCB and DD match with raining sixes. - Category: Sports
  • Management in Short ( 2181 reads)   

    In simple terms 'Management is an art of getting or engaging people in a wok with organized process to achieve the goal or objective of the program in an effective and efficient manner'. - Category: Others
  • Satyamev Jayate - Will Aamir's Show a Changer in Game? ( 3784 reads)   

    This article speaks about the new TV Show on star plus by Aamir Khan. The TV show in Star Plus on Every Sunday at 11 am 'Satyamev Jayate' has made the audience to rethink on their lifestyles, issues and happenings around. - Category: Entertainment
  • Thrilling IPL 2012 ( 2707 reads)   

    This is for IPL 2012 matches and their results . - Category: Sports
  • Borderless Indian Cine Industry ( 2939 reads)   

    About Indian cinema industry and recent trend for growth. Entertainment, the popular segment of Indian market. The industry supports the country in its revenue generation. As per experts the industry is going to touch Rs.12800 crores by 2015. The industry is a mixed segment of numbers in regional cine industries such as Bollywood (Hindi), Tollywood (Telugu), and Kollywood (Tamil) etc. - Category: Entertainment
  • Era of Smartphones ( 3131 reads)   

    This article is about the changing scenario of mobile phones to smart phones. For the growth of Smartphones in the present trend. - Category: Others
  • Concepts of Brand Repositioning ( 6901 reads)   

    This article gives a brief description for brand repostioning with examples. Brand is an identity, image, name, term, symbol or logo which is designed to satisfy the same need of the customer by differentiating competitors. For Ex: Maggi is a brand which satisfy the need (noodle in short time) of the customer than their competitors in local market too. - Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Importance of Summer Project in MBA ( 2724 reads)   

    In short, The article describes the importance of summer project for the career growth. - Category: Education
  • F A B in Sales ( Features, Advantages and Benefits ) ( 3986 reads)   

    What is FAB? This is a brief description for the Feature, Benefits and Advantages of a product and how it can help for sale. - Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Qualification or Experience in Sales ( 3802 reads)   

    This is to brief whther a qualification is enough for sales or do we need an experience for selling. - Category: Sales-Marketing
  • M A N in Sales ( 5500 reads)   

    This is a brief description of a sales process where one of the process is approach. A well planned salesman goes through a process of Suspect, Prospect, Approach (M A N), negotiation, closure and order. - Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Concepts of Brand Positioning ( 4379 reads)   

    The article talks a brief note for brand and its positioning in the market. To position brand in the market a company needs to make sure of the Branding attributes like uniqueness, relevance, sustainable, appealing and inspirable. - Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Branding Attributes ( 2875 reads)   

    A product should follow few attributes to hit the market and do branding for itself. - Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Initiation of a Sales Call ( 4277 reads)   

    This is for the start up of sales call and for a brief idea of that. Sales call will always be a matter of concern for different sales personalities. There are few sales persons who are experienced in sales for a quite a time and still they do not understand the core concepts of sales. - Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Effect of Advertisement on Consumers ( 9821 reads)   

    This is to give an idea to the effect of advertisemnts on the consumers mind set. - Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Segmentation in Marketing ( 7079 reads)   

    This is about the idea of segmentation in the marketing for the companies to operate in different locations . - Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Good Performance From Indian Cricket Team ( 3724 reads)   

    This is about the performance and preparation of Indian Cricket team in the recent matches. - Category: Sports
  • Technology: Boon Or Bane ( 20684 reads)   

    This is about the advantages and disadvantages of technology. Technology may be a good or bad, but end of the day Technology has given us the boon as well as bane too. - Category: Others

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