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  • How Did Technology Changed the Way People Communicate    By: Belinda Brown

    If you really stop to think about the number of different things that have changed since personal computers have come onto the scene, it really is quite staggering. It not only has changed the way that many of us do business and keep track of our daily lives, it has also changed the way that many of us communicate. >> Category: Technology
  • A Research Frame For Wireless Sensor Coverage and Connectivity Issues    By: NILAMADHAB MISHRA

    The coverage problem here is to cover maximum area by using static and mobile WSN Nodes. Recent improvements in affordable and efficient integrated electronic devices have a considerable impact on advancing the state of wireless sensor networks, which constitute the platform of a broad range of applications related to national security, surveillance, military, health care, and environmental monitoring. >> Category: Technology
  • An Artifact to Train the Backpropagation Network    By: NILAMADHAB MISHRA

    The mechanism of weights update is known as training algorithm. There are several training algorithms proposed in the literature.I will give a brief description of those that are related with the purposes of my study. The algorithms described here are related to feed-forward networks. A NN is characterized as feed-forward network 'if it is possible to attach successive numbers to the inputs and to all of the hidden and output units such that each unit only receives connections from inputs or units having a smaller number'. >> Category: Technology
  • Research Tips For Constructing a Classifier Based on Neural Network .    By: NILAMADHAB MISHRA

    To construct a high-quality classifier one has to have high-quality data. No method of classifier construction, whether based on neural networks or a statistical one, will result in a classifier good enough if the given set of examples is not full and representative for the problem that the system would have to work with. >> Category: Technology
  • A Research Frame Work of Machine Learning in Data Mining    By: NILAMADHAB MISHRA

    A data warehouse is a central store of data that has been extracted from operational data. Data in a data warehouse is typically subject-oriented, non-volatile, and of a historic nature, as contrasted with data used in an on-line transaction processing system. Data in data warehouses are often used in data mining and on-line analytical processing tools. OLAP techniques do not process enterprise data for hidden or unknown intelligence. The data mining process takes data from a data warehouse as input and identifies the hidden patterns i.e. Data mining process extracts hidden predictive information from data warehouse through the Neural Networks tools. It identifies the hidden patterns through classifier and clustering technique. Several experiments are already done to learn and train the network architecture for the data set used in back propagation neural N/W with different activation functions. Further studies may be carried out in classification and clustering. Classification is done through supervised machine learning and clustering through unsupervised machine learning. Mining Association rules is termed as Pattern mining. So Classification, clustering and pattern mining are the important issues in data mining. >> Category: Technology
  • Hot Spring Tech - Hottest electronic devices    By: Rhea Roberts

    Hot Spring Tech is one of the latest in a number of Internet websites that promise to offer consumers great deals on the hottest electronic devices on the market today. These discount electronics websites have grown so popular for a number of reasons. The primary reason for their growing popularity is the state of the economy. With so many people unemployed or underemployed, most shoppers are look >> Category: Technology
  • Tips to Choose the Software and Before Deciding to Buy Software    By: hans anthonio

    Selecting an application or software program can be a big consideration, especially when purchasing the program and usually expensive vital applications such as Microsoft Office or Adobe Photoshop. When considering buying this program is important that you are confident with the software would be able to do what you need. >> Category: Technology
  • E-Commerce Trends For 2012    By: Josh Phillips

    The e-commerce industry is evolving almost as quickly as the Internet as a whole. This article explains some of the trends that are expected to shape e-commerce and change the way we buy products online in 2012. >> Category: Technology
  • An Overview of Cloud Computing    By: inter it

    In this article, there is a brief description of cloud computing services that are offered to the clients. There are numerous advantages of availing the cloud computing services. >> Category: Technology
  • Locksmiths Redditch Carries All Necessary Tools With Them    By: locksmith sinbirm

    If you are living in Redditch and require the services of locksmith you can call any time on any day to locksmiths Redditch who are ready to provide services with professionals of the field. The reputed companies working with locksmith Redditch committed to provide you services wherever in the region and their representatives reach to you within 30 minutes only. Emergency services are 24 hours ava >> Category: Technology
  • Workday Overview - Part 1    By: Arivuvel Ramu

    Workday Integraiton Overview. A set of tools with which to build, configure and deploy integrations. Workday is one of the new and fast growing SaaS (Software as a Service) delivery model to the new world of HCM (Human Capital Management) Softwares over the cloud. >> Category: Technology
  • How to Create a Simple and Easy Metal Detector    By: David Jerry

    How to create a quick and easy metal detector >> Category: Technology
  • How to Protect Product From Duplicity    By: Rohit Mistry

    Using Holographic products have become a trend in the marketplace. Many companies are coming up with new inventions in these products which will be very unique, attractive and eye-pleasing. >> Category: Technology
  • New Natural Free Cooling Datacenter Implemented in Australia    By: Davide Ortisi

    Barcelona, Spain, June 20th 2010 - AST Modular, a Spanish engineering firm devoted to innovation in modular datacenters confirmed on Friday that its pioneering Modular Natural Free Cooling Technology has been implemented in a newly built containerized datacenter for a customer in Sidney, Australia. >> Category: Technology
  • Corporate Governance - PART 3    By: Arivuvel Ramu

    Are we modeled our Shared service properly? Is your resource management team modeled and functioned as expected? If not please look at the below check list. >> Category: Technology
  • Corporate Governance - PART 2    By: Arivuvel Ramu

    How to model a Company when you deal with Global Delivery Model? Change Management starts from Restructuring the Management, Executives, Processes, Organizational Globalalization. >> Category: Technology
  • Corporate Governance - PART 1    By: Arivuvel Ramu

    Are your organization modeled to execute Latest Corporate Governance? If no please read further...! >> Category: Technology
  • Tools That Catering Businesses Employ    By: Susan Jones

    During these indecisive economic times, the contract catering quarter is dealing with a pincer movement on 2 fronts. On one hand, prospects are griping their profit margins as they battle with progressively fixed budgets for corporate hospitality and catering services. >> Category: Technology
  • How to Choose Correct Access Control System For Your Premises?    By: Rohn Smith

    There are certain factors that you need to consider before making the actual purchase of any access control system. >> Category: Technology
  • 4G Networks and Security    By: Chris Thompson

    New upcoming wireless technology known as 4G has a great deal of positive outcomes associated with it. However certain measures must be taken to ensure substantial protection from the malicious activity on the network. >> Category: Technology
  • Trace the Phone Number to Put an End to Persistent Anonymous Calls    By: Freda Rhone

    Having a series of unwanted calls may sometimes get into your nerves. It does not only delay your time, but also gives you the feeling of irritation whenever the caller is just persistent to annoy you. This happens anytime and anywhere even in when you are in deep slumber. >> Category: Technology
  • Waste Management For Photographic Chemicals    By: ISRAVEL PRABHAKARAN

    The darkroom work in photography by its very nature produces waste products, the photographer should be aware of the nature of these products and what can be done to minimize their impact on environment. The responsible disposal of waste produce in laboratories is an important function in the equation that balances the environmental friendliness, general health of staff, and workflow management in laboratories. >> Category: Technology
  • Handling Issues With Windows 7 Professional Upgrade    By: mark astal

    If you thought the Windows 7 Professional Upgrade will keep you at a distance away from system errors or PC slow speed, it is worth noting here that no operating system is fool-proof and can develop problems but things are easier to sort out with a Windows 7 Professional upgrade. >> Category: Technology
  • Art of Managing the Outsourcing Services    By: NILAMADHAB MISHRA

    Managing of outsourcing services includes business understanding, technical understanding and customer relationship management. The main activities of outsourcing service provider are automatic call distribution, call management, contact center management and ICT through computer and networks. >> Category: Technology
  • A Novel Integration Of ICT Driven Modern Business    By: NILAMADHAB MISHRA

    The information and communication technology has become the way of our life. The entire concept of ICT is based on providing the right information, to the right people at the right time. >> Category: Technology
  • INTELLIGENCE: A Gift to Research and Development Sectors.    By: NILAMADHAB MISHRA

    The conventional intelligence and the computational intelligence are two different kinds of things. The conventional intelligence refers to the Artificial Intelligence where as the computational intelligence refers to the soft computational intelligence. Each and every large organization has its own research and development sectors to enhance the various intelligent entities. The research and development sectors utilize the principles of conventional intelligence to build various intelligent packages like medical diagnostic packages, machine repair and maintenance packages and the packages for scientific analysis and engineering design. >> Category: Technology
  • Red Signal For Virus Attack - Signs of a Computer Virus    By: NILAMADHAB MISHRA

    Most of the computer users can not know when a virus or spy ware comes to their computers. Spy ware is just like a virus that stays silently in our system and silently observe our secret data and send those secret data to the hackers .This spy ware stays in our computer for a longer period of time and works monopoly. But it is not difficult to detect the virus. When the virus attacks to the computer, it gives some signals or symptoms >> Category: Technology
  • Role of Technology in Enriching Communication!    By: Anisa Author

    We are better off than the people who came before us thanks to the advancement of technology especially when it comes to communication technology. Let's have a look at the role of technology in enriching communication today! >> Category: Technology
  • The Truth About the Free Reverse Cell Phone Directory Services    By: Maya Philippines

    Presently, there is a huge number, of these free reverse cell phone directory service websites over the internet. The main question is, are they able to provide good quality services? Even more, are any of these providers able to provide good quality and free services? >> Category: Technology
  • Getting a Mobile Enabled Website for your Business    By: Anisa Author

    Mobile phones are part and parcel of our daily lives and according to statistics revealed by internet giant Google, many people make their internet Google searches on their mobile phones more than they do on their PC's. Some of the advantages of having a mobile enabled internet site are here. >> Category: Technology
  • The Amazing Motorola Atrix 4G - Resolution, Dimentions and Features    By: Jason Creed

    Motorola continues to create innovative telecommunications devices with increased computing power, like the much-anticipated Atrix 4G. Run by the Android operating system, the Atrix runs a wide selection of applications and games. >> Category: Technology
  • SEO Services India For Key Success on Internet or Online Business    By: Dhirendra Pandey

    Well I know your worries as in the beginning I was also innocent and didn't have any idea about online business and how to success in it. Today I am running many website, which are fetching me a good Return on Investment in my hand. All the thanks goes to the promotion of website and the SEO Services India with which I am enjoying this enormous success on the web business. >> Category: Technology
  • To Use Wireless Cameras or Not, That is the Question    By: william buckley

    I hear talk about the disadvantages of wireless cameras and their use in the home. The limitations of wireless cameras can be easily overcome with some very simple steps. The first thing I keep hearing about is the interference with other wireless devices. >> Category: Technology
  • The Art of Backup Software    By: salome howard

    this article provides a indepth look at the realm of backup software and data recovery. >> Category: Technology
  • Quality and IT    By: Mahesh Deswandikar

    What is Quality in IT Industry? 'Defects' is a common answer most of the time received. Most of the customers / management / project teams always talk about just defects. >> Category: Technology
  • G-fone Mobile Information    By: Monty Alexander

    G-fone mobile Phone is a dual-sim handset that comes along with a 2.2-inch touchscreen and a QVGA display featuring 64K colors. This is a bar mobile having a stunning form factor. It is all set to feature 1.3 mega pixel camera, along with a digital zoom and an auto focus and video recording capacity. >> Category: Technology
  • Dell Mini 3i Smartphone - Handwriting recognition & Multitouch Screen    By: Monty Alexander

    Dell has made arrangements with largest mobile operators to offer this sleek smartphone from Mini 3 Android based lineup. These major mobile operators include China Mobile, Claro in Brazil and the AT&T. >> Category: Technology
  • There Isn't Any Short Cut....!!!    By: Thomas White

    It's now luck these days to get a good tech support from a company without getting scammed or ripped off by paying them heavy stuff. So this was my experience having a good tech support. >> Category: Technology
  • New Micromax X500 Mobile - The Red Hot Lady on the Ramp    By: Monty Alexander

    The brand Micromax mobile phone walk ahead keeping a straight forward funda in mind, that is to promote themselves so that they should not be watched with the wrong eyes, what most of the new brands are facing. >> Category: Technology
  • Computer Tech Support and Its Future    By: Thomas White

    Whenever you will have the first sign of trouble in your computer just dial for the remote online tech support. And they can help you in no time. They are faster and safer than the technicians that come home for fixing your machine. >> Category: Technology
  • Intex IN 1210 : Full Phone Specifications and Review    By: Monty Alexander

    These mobile phones have carved a special pace for them in the market. There are a number of revolutionary features attached to this mobile phone that have made them to stand heads and heels ahead its competitors. >> Category: Technology
  • Worst Technical Support Ever (Avast antivirus)    By: Thomas White

    I was using Avast for some time and had a support contract with me. So after all my attempts failed installing it and troubleshooting didn't resolve my problem so I decided to take the advantage of my support contract with professional software shop and so I just called them for answer. >> Category: Technology
  • Micromax Q5fb Phone: The Perfect Generation Next Companion    By: Monty Alexander

    The another reason that has actually helped out brand becoming so fascinating, is there quite a straight-forward approach to proffer best of the class mobiles in a price like, anyone can afford be it an executive, technology freaks, photography lovers, youngsters, music aficionados etc. >> Category: Technology
  • Birthday Present For My Son    By: Thomas White

    I sent that laptop back to them to get it fixed again. I received it back and the problem was still there. Are you kidding me? I started using it and the problem is still there. It was like those old days when your grandma's old TV would vertically roll until you adjusted it and it would jump up so fast that you couldn't see the picture. >> Category: Technology
  • The Virtual World of Machines    By: Thomas White

    Machines make you dependent on it pretty easily. And that's what happened to me, after using machines. I became a loner and got connected to my machine i.e. my Computer, a lot. And suddenly when you machine stops working you end up facing loads of problem. you go helpless and you tend to seek help from people who are experienced but when you end up having no luck from them, it gets annoying. >> Category: Technology
  • Everquester - Online 3D Game    By: Thomas White

    That wasn't any good to me but I had no choice. So I waited. After I got connected to a technician he assured me to visit with the RAM and the graphic card the next day. Oh great! The next day he arrived with the two and the installation process went completely fine, as it look though. >> Category: Technology
  • Dell Hell Computer    By: Thomas White

    After finally getting it all set up the way I wanted, all was well for a few days until I came into the office. I pushed the power button to get started and nothing happened. As I expected a screen to show up but actually nothing happened... That was pretty strange to me. >> Category: Technology
  • Specially Abled    By: Thomas White

    I tried it again the next day but the same thing happened and this time the technician went completely baffled. The third day when I managed to make them understand my situation, the technician still he couldn't fix the issue. I went completely depressed and concluded it with that I can never resolve this issue of mine. >> Category: Technology
  • Long Distance Love    By: Thomas White

    I was almost on the verge of losing my temper when my local technician told me to send my machine to them for a week to get this repaired. A week... I can't wait till a week. >> Category: Technology
  • The Importance of Keyword Research in SEO    By: Harold Kurt

    In the world of search engine marketing, or pay per click marketing, the actual keyword itself plays an extremely important role. In fact, few would argue against the keyword being the most vital part of search engine marketing on the whole. >> Category: Technology

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