The iPhone third generation smart phone that is also known as the iPhone 3GS is one of the amazing phones that has ever been made. There are many new features in the phone that have made it to be one of the unique phones. There are also many new applications that are available on this phone and this has again made this phone to be much sought after by people from al over the world.

The third generation smart phone is much more advanced than all the other phones that were being used before this one. The advanced features have made many people to seek this phone for the features, entertainment and also the other features that are packed into it.
The advantages of an iPhone 3GS are amazing and they are all listed in this article.

1. Camera:

The camera in the phone has got all that one could ask for. The camera has auto focus and the pictures are also very clear and that makes it really the best that you could hope for on a mobile phone.

2. The speed:

The speed is something that needs to be talked about in detail. The speed with which the various applications in the phone load as soon as you click on them is just stupendous. It is almost as if there is no time gap between the loadings of applications. This speed makes many people to opt for this phone rather than any other phones.

3. Voice control:

This is another important feature of the phone. The fact that you are able to control the various functions of the phone with your voice control makes it easy for people to use it. All you have to do is to talk to the phone and it responds to you by starting the various functions as you give the command. You have to just click on a button to enable this feature on the phone.

4. The applications:

The variety of applications that are available in the iPhone 3GS has also made it something that one cannot miss having. The Maps application makes it possible for you to send an MMS to all your friends from your location identifying the place. Similarly, you can also make music from the phone and also use the music application to tune any of the musical instruments that requires tuning.

5. The browser:

The browser in the iPhone 3GS needs special mention because it is one of the latest available ones and it increases the performance of the phone by making it easy for the user to browse. It is also very quick in loading and makes browsing using this browser very simple and easy.

The overall performance of the third generation smart phone from Apple has beat all expectations and made it to be one of the best on offer of all times. As newer applications are being created for this smart phone, it is poised to grow further in features and also in performance.

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