Hello... I believe machines and tools have given us the ability to do more in less time giving us, at the same time, more comfort. I like working on computers as I feel, they allow me to work from home, socialize with my friends and family who live too far away to visit, and they also provide an ever-welcome stress relief when we come home from work and just want to have some fun. So my story began when I joined this research company 5 months ago. I always liked being a researcher as I can spend hours and hours on computer. Moreover I work in a "paper free office", so my day starts with my laptop and ends there only. I am super dependent on my machine. It makes my work easier and faster. I am a total loner, sometimes I not only do I sit with my machine at office but I also keep fiddling my computer at home. I usually spend a lot of free time reading online books on laptop or watching some metal videos on YouTube. I do all my writing and research in my laptop only. I realize that I spend time uselessly at the computer. For me it comes in handy starting from office to friends and etc.

So I always had a wish of owning a nice and sleek laptop. Well, I've purchased, owned and used quite a few laptops in last few years but I literally fell in love with the style and looks of this model. It not only worked faster but also had a killer looks. They also offered me the facility of customizing the looks as I want. So I chose those different colored covers for my machine. After doing my overall research, I felt this was the best deal. But in long run I was wrong. Everything was smooth until I realized that the old Blue Screen of Death showed its ugly face not too long after receiving the machine. And I thought that issue can be resolved by installing the updated driver for the graphics chipset. But after a day or two I suddenly received an error with a different code. After speaking to the Local Customer Service care, they decided to have the machine sent back. After receiving the machine back, it was determined that the memory on the system was at fault. And well again it blue screened. Same error again! I probably sent back my machine thrice after that and each time I have been told a different problem. I almost felt like pulling my hair off. They provided me with a downgraded system. So I emailed them regarding the issue, and never received a satisfactory solution. It had already been 3 days when I asked for a full refund now, but I've been told that my machine was not warranted and I have to pay an amount for receiving the tech support. I was so frustrated and irritated with these people that I almost decided to send back my machine back to them with a complaint letter for not providing me with a proper support. But that won't help me calming my frustration and I also won't have my system back in proper condition.

So I started goggling with the variety of independent companies providing tech support. And I found this company--iYogi technical service provider, though I never heard of them but after checking their website I found there are many people who are very satisfied with their tech support and they have this huge list of delighted customers. So I finally decided to check them out. I called them up and in minutes I got assigned with a technician who heard me completely what I gone through and assured me that he will resolve it as soon as possible. This guy took few details as for their own records and connected remotely to my computer. With around following few steps as he instructed me, that took me about an hour, he was been able resolve my issue and I finally got rid of the blue screen.

I was wondering that how I wasted a whole week running after those inexperienced guys when I could easily contacted iYogi on the first day and could have got ridden with my problem. As I know computers do get onto problems so now my first choice will be iYogi for every possible thing that can occur in my system.

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