Like all other products by Apple, iPhone has been a great success in the market. It was already the hottest news even before it came in the market. The first version of iPhone failed to comply to all the expectations of the users with its limited facilities. In the later version, the iPhone 3G, Apple has developed many of its features including video recording and 3G internet connectivity.


The iPhone 3G can capture video in high quality VGA. You can trim the video as you want and with the advance 3G internet connection, you can post it immediately to YouTube or any other video uploading site as well as sending it via email or MMS. The iPhone 3G supports both landscape and portrait video shooting.


According to Apple, this phone is at least two times faster than the previous version. You can easily find the difference while starting a program or reading the email attachments. This advance performance also provides better gaming experience with updated 3D.


Unlike the VGA camera of the previous version, the Apple iPhone 3G has a 3 Mega Pixel camera that can shoot excellent still photos. The built-in auto focus makes it easier to select the subject of your photo.

Voice control:

With the iPhone 3G you can now call someone by actually calling his name by using the voice controlling option. You can also use the voice controller for playing music.


The iPhone 3G, with built-in GPS, can be used as the guide in an unknown place. It automatically changes the direction of the fully featured map according to your movement. The phone also has a digital compass.

Cut, copy and paste:

The advance modified cut, copy and paste option is now more powerful as they work parallel in multiple programs. You can now copy images; even from the internet.

Landscape keyboard:

The new iPhone 3G gives the user extra comfort in using the keyboard by putting it in landscape mode. Now you can writer faster and easier.


People with hearing or visual disability can now use the iPhone 3G. Apple includes some features including Whit on Black display, VoiceOver screen reader, Mono audio etc.

Internet sharing:

The modern and fast 3G technology allows the user to use the internet from anywhere and the iPhone 3G is can share the 3G speed with the Mac notebook or laptop.

Voice Memo:

The Voice Memo application reduces the use of notepad or memory reminder type of software. The user now can record his thoughts, ideas and meeting schedule with this excellent program.


'Stocks' is a new iPhone application for showing the financial data of any stock to the user. It can graphically represent the market condition as well as showing the latest headlines in the market.

MobileMe and Remote Wipe:

Apple increases the security of the iPhone 3G. The MobileMe application allows the user the find the phone in case of any misplace by tracking the built-in GPS locator. The Remote Wipe can restore the factory settings by initiating a remote wipe. You will need a passcode to open it which you will get while using the application.

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