Safari is a graphical web browser developed by Apple for its Mac operating systems. The first version of the browser, Safari 1 was released in 2007, and a new version is released every two years. The second version, Safari 2, released in 2007 was the first browser to pass the Acid2 test developed by the Web Standards Project. There is now a version of the Safari browser supported by the Windows operating system.

Safari is built with WebKit technologies, enabling graphic displays, font rendering, page layout determination and enhances interactivity. The WebKit is an open source web development tool that allows faster and more efficient coding and enables teamwork.
The Safari browser introduced a new look into the web browsers' environment. Before Safari, all browsers had a similar ugly clumsy look, so one chooses the one that worked best.

Safari's interface design makes a big difference. You see a scroll bar only when there is the need to. The browser frame is very thin (1 pixel wide). There is no status bar, but a progress bar displays only while the page loads. The entire interface could be hidden, giving more space for the web content to be displayed. Safari gets out of your way and lets you enjoy the internet. The web pages are displayed on mobile devices just as on the desktops or laptops.

Safari's speed is admirable. Safari delivers your requested web pages and applications immediately you enter your request. No need to wait for anything like time for your page to load. Safari also meets all international standards, being the first browser to pass the Acid2 test. This allows Safari users to load any webpage or application developed to this standard.

Apple has therefore defined HTML5 and CSS3 standards to enable conformity to the global web. Safari supports HTML5 audio and video tags, and offline technologies. Data can be saved on a storage device for use when offline. Safari also supports web animations, thus supporting interactivity and visual effects. You can load web pages with embedded pictures, videos and animations on the Safari browser.

Security is a feature well taken care of in Safari. Safari includes the Private Browsing feature that can be turned on to stop keeping a history of sites visited and items downloaded. It disables cookies and deletes all records of Google searches and data filled in online forms. You can check your online bank account in Safari without having to worry about security. Safari also allows for blocking pop-up pages, so users are not disturbed with advertisements. Safari also includes anti-phishing and anti-malware technologies that alert the user when entering a phishing site.

Safari has in-built encryption that encrypts your data, discouraging eavesdropping, digital tampering and forgery whiles you browse. It supports many proxy protocols that take you through high standard authentication to be logged into secure websites.

Safari is surely the way to go in search for a robust web browser. It offers all the features desirable in a web browser; beauty, security and all.

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