The iPhone from Apple has changed the way people look at telephones. Mobile telephony can be said to have come of age with the appearance of the Apple iPhones. The features that are present in these futuristic telephones have made it very simple to handle, but the phone has got many amazing features that have been unparalleled.

The amazing features include the use of the iPhone as not only a telephone but also as a device that can be used to hear songs as well as browse the internet.

1. Telephone:

The basic reason for the making of this iPhone is the fact that telephony is made simpler. There are various accessibility features in this phone that makes it possible for people who have hearing and other impairments to be able to use this without any major problems. The telephone has also many other features that include the use of the messaging facility where you have many added features.

2. iPod:

Other than the telephone, the iPhone also has iPod in it and you will be able to hook it on to the iTunes site and download all the music that you need in your phone,. It will give you great entertainment when you are traveling and the fact that all this is available ion a power packed telephone is amazing. The features on the phone also enable you to compose music and also edit and playback all the music that you have recorded in it.

3. Internet:

The connectivity of the phone is very great. The browser that is used in this ranges to different kinds and the latest browser that is used in the iPhone 3GS is the Safari that makes it one of the best browsers that is in use. It makes internet browsing a joy when you do it on the iPhone 3GS. The loading of the applications for the internet also take very less time and you will be able to use the internet on the phone from any place where you are. The easy use of the internet is one of the greatest features of this phone.

4. Applications:

There are various applications that you can use in this phone that is a smart phone. The applications that are in built into the phone can be used as soon as you purchase the phone. There are also many other applications that can be downloaded from the site of the company. These applications can be used not only for entertainment, but also for education and other reasons. Each passing day, there are newer applications that are possible on your phone. These applications are for different groups of people who are using this smart phone and these ranges from music applications to outdoor applications. They all have different features in them and can be used in all our day to day activities.

These are some of the amazing features that are seen in almost all the iPhones that are being used. As newer smart phones are being made, the features are bound to increase in number ands also become better than what they are at present.

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