Programming is one of the highly paid professionals the highly paid professionals in the information Technology Sector. It is a profession that is demanding in terms of time and energy. Anybody can learn to be a programmer but there are certain traits in people that differentiate them from ordinary to the best programmers.

Desire is the driving force behind good programmers. To be a good programmer, you must love what you do. Good programmers do not program because they are paid to do it, they do it because they want to do it, they love doing it. They are willing to stay on their code for longer hours. To them, programming is a hobby, more than a profession.

Good programmers are creative. They are able to think of a better and innovative solution when presented with a problem. They have very good analytical and comprehension skills. A good programmer must be able to make sense out of a seemingly fuzzy situation and formulate a solution. A good programmer must also have good reasoning ability and be mentally alert.

A programmer must have good communication skills. He must be able to organize his thoughts and communicate them clearly to his clients. They must be good at sharing their ideas with other team members.

A good programmer has knowledge about almost everything. A good programmer must have some knowledge in every field of endeavor, from archeology, through accounting via biology to zoology. He must also be well vexed in all aspects of technology, electronics, networking, systems administration, databases and so on.

A good programmer must be willing to learn. He must always be looking out for information on new areas as well as those he has little or no knowledge about. They are also able to learn from other people. They ask questions when they need clarification on an issue.

Good programmers are result oriented, they do not give up so easily. They do not care what it takes or how long it takes, they will stay on to get the work done. Programming is not an easy task. Sometimes, you may have to rewrite a line of code several times before it works. Good programmers go through this without giving up on that line of code.

Another admirable character in a good programmer is that they are calm in all situations. They are well balanced and one will not be able to tell when they are angry, under pressure or happy. They do what they do in the same way under all circumstances.

Paying attention to details Good programmers pay attention to every detail of everything they do. Not paying attention may result in misspelled variable name, uncommented code, software that is not well tested user requirements not fully met and so on. These will result in the software not working at all or not doing what the user wants.

If you are considering becoming a programmer, and a good one for that matter, examine yourself for these basic characteristics. If you have them, then you can become one, otherwise try something else.

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