The sale of the Netbooks is overtaking the sale of Notebooks (or Laptops). There are various reasons for this. The Netbooks are the smaller versions of the computer that have all the features of the basic computer. Though some people still find that they are not able to dispose of their Notebooks, the Netbooks are trendy and have more apt functions than the Notebooks. It also seems to be more mobile than the Notebook.

There are various advantages of a net book over a Notebook computer. The reason is that the net book has all the features that are needed for the basic computing that any person does. It is like a compilation of the best applications that are normally used by a person who uses a computer. As the role of the net book increases, there seems to be a decrease in the sales and the use of the Notebook for various purposes. The common advantages of the net book over the note book are listed here.

1. Small size and portability:

The size of the net boos is very small when compared to the note book. The small size is because of the screen size that is usually only ten inches when compared to the Notebooks that are having a size of 15 inches usually. The smaller size causes the easy handling of the net boos. The person is also able to carry the net boos much more easily than the person is able to use the Notebook. The portability increases and the person who uses a net book is able to carry it inside any bag as there is no need to have a separate bag as in the case of the note book

2. The weight of the net book:

The Netbooks are very light as compared to the note books. The Netbooks that are available commonly in the market have a weight that is less than half of the weight of the note book. This is a major reason for the people to buy Netbooks. The use of the Netbooks is easier because of the less weight and this too helps in increasing the portability other than the small size if the net book.

3. The features:

The features of the net book are much less than the features of the note book, but still people who buy the net book do not complain because of the other benefits that are available. On the other hand, the net book has all the essential features that a person will usually use the computer for, including internet browsing and also the use of various Microsoft office components like power points and word document functioning.

4. The cost of the net book:

Again as far as the cost of the Netbooks is concerned, it is less than half of the price of the note books. A person who uses the note book will have to spend at least a minimum of 45,000INR to get a quality note book. The coast of a low cost note book could be anywhere around 30,000. The Netbooks on the other hand are available for as less as 10,000 and could go on to about 15,000 depending on the features that are available.

The only possible disadvantage could be the lack of a DVD drive but there are so many ports that can be connected to other external memories that the person will not miss a note book with all these features.

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