This is a story where I experienced the worst tech support in my life. No I understood why people keep on complaining about the quality of the tech support. I have been in computer world for over 10 years and it's been 4 years I have been using this machine. Before this I really thought that I am probably the only one left who haven't seen the worst yet but yes the time came..... I have dealt with number of useless technicians on phone or chat or anything but I have always managed myself cool. I was prepared to deal with the bad tech support who had this weird accent and scripted knowledge and who knows nothing about their work.

So this time I had a problem with the new installation of an Avast antivirus. I was using Avast for some time and had a support contract with me. So after all my attempts failed installing it and troubleshooting didn't resolve my problem so I decided to take the advantage of my support contract with professional software shop and so I just called them for answer. The first tech guy answered my call was of course the usual greeted me with a foreign accent and started troubleshooting by the book. I told him that yes; I've already applied the latest updates and tried repairing the installation. He then had me go into the control panel and wanted me to make some changes to the mouse settings. I told him that I would not turn on "click lock" on this poor unsuspecting woman's machine and that I really didn't think it would help. He asked my permission for remote session and to which I gladly replied yes to connect to my computer. He tried repairing it instead of installing but of course it didn't make any difference so he said that we would have to remove it and reinstall it. So we agreed and uninstalled the application, renamed a few directories and reinstalled. But the same problem still existed.

After that I insisted to speak to second level technician or any supervisor who could help me with it, so he said that some technician would call me back in an hour. I hung up and called back, gave my registration number and asked to get connected to a second level technician. This time a lady picked up and asked me to go through the whole troubleshooting all over again. By this time I was losing patience and told her that it had been done and asked her what else we could do to resolve this problem. She asked if I'd tried running it in safe mode. I hadn't tried Safe Mode, so it created a new hope and I was getting down with my temper. So I rebooted it to the safe mode and ran the application, sure enough it worked. And then I asked what next? So she said "There is something wrong with your computer and we don't help with computer problems", and "Will there be anything else I can help you with today"? What the hell??? I persisted to speak to their manager to which she replied that she can't help me more with it, and I need to get my computer fixed. After explaining that I am the IT guy and there is nothing wrong with this computer except that the upgrade they forced onto this customer won't run properly on it, he again told me they've done everything they could. It was annoying and a frustrating situation for me. I was really furious and didn't want to say anything wrong to the lady on the phone so I hung up without saying anything.

I was frustrated, so I went to see my brother, who lives at about an hour drive away. I told him what I just had gone through, he wacked my on my head and gave me a number of a technical support provider- iYogi. He insisted me to call them as he said that they are really helpful. So just for the sake of my brother I called them up and got connected to this tech guy. To whom I completely explained what my problem was and what all I did to rectify it, he laughed on the whole procedure and asked for a remote session. Again I agreed to it and he did few thing which I didn't pay much heat as I wasn't expecting them to resolve my problem. After about 40 minutes of being on hold he asked me to run the application and wow it worked. Phew!!! That was surprisingly amazing. I was really thankful to them as well as my brother. Huh!! Was it that easy then why the others couldn't do it? This was my worst experience of tech support which luckily didn't last for long, as I found my hero iYogi. Thank you!!!

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