Whenever we realize that we cannot do anything productive or no longer could we handle things, we have this habit of making it more complicate and complex. We always go for a way to fix things rather knowing the reason of the problem and rectifying it forever. So I said these in the context of my computer illness. Wouldn't it be really nice to get something for my computer that can not only resolve this issue but also help rectifying it in a bigger picture? So after I saw my computer ill and after the abuse it had undergone fiddling it around I actually gone for something like that. It was almost like a hunt for searching something like that but again iYogi is the one that helped me with that. So a little bit of background now, my computer was a little complicated and overflowing with pictures, data, files, movies, songs, videos etc. It was very prone to viruses and malware as I haven't had installed any antivirus in it. Actually I had a Norton antivirus inbuilt and I never bothered to use it. Now I realized that it needs attention and care too. I know it's a little dramatic but can't help it, if by chance I end up losing any data, my part of life will be lost. Not only my boss going to screw me but also I have many picture memories in it, which I would hate to lose.

That night I came back from an office get-together and after my boss dropped me home, he asked me to send the event pictures to him, as it was necessary to show to clients. I was very confident and agreed to it. I sat for an hour to send the pictures but my computer went super slow and that got onto my nerves. I still tried pretty hard and it took probably an hour and half to send 10 pictures of 6-8 MB. I kind of worked it out that day and crashed on the bed but from next day that was a Monday, when I was filled with work and had to send a lot of email and a lot of work in my computer, I almost died opening a single browser page. It was very annoying. I was actually searching for something that could be an application to enhance my computer's speed and performance. And I thought I could use it as a long term problem mechanism. So I searched it on internet, which again took around 15 minutes to open one page. How frustrating it could be. I found few tools and applications that could help me but all were paid stuff. And I really didn't want to pay for this, may be you call it misery but I had my own reasons.

Finally I found this company that my dad always spoke about but never paid a heat to him, its videos.iyogi.net iYogi. They were offering me a one year package of computer support service along with Support Dock installation. I found it pretty decent in a budget of $169.99, so I called them up immediately and told them my whole problem and they assured to help me within some time. Of course I did few steps as guided and then I was out of it. That was simple right, but usually it's not. So I was lucky. I was very happy and finally understood and dads are always right.

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