Any anti-virus software needs to be very good for you to be able to use it. The reason for this is that the attack by viruses on your computer is like a terror attack. Even if the protection is present for most of the day, but the protection is not present for just a few minutes, then that is enough for the virus to cause havocc in your computer system. It will enter into your system replicate itself in all the files and corrupt the entire system to cause it to go crashing.

Other than causing the system to crash, it could also make you lose all your files other than even causing things like identity theft. This can cause you to lose more than your computer and also your data.

To prevent all these, you should have a good anti virus that is very efficient. The various features that are present in your anti-virus should be:

1. Dependable:

This is very important because you are trusting all that you have in your computer with the anti virus. You may have personal information and also many other files that cannot be replace if they are lost. All that is under the care of the anti virus. So unless the anti virus is dependable, then you should not trust the anti virus because all the information can be lost in a jiffy.

2. Fast scanning:

The anti virus that you are using in your computer should be one that helps to scan your system real fast and also do an efficient job. The reason is because there are some anti-virus systems that when installed or run in the computer, can case the whole system to slow down. This will cause you to have a lot of frustration when you are using the computer.

3. Cost effective:

Though there are many free anti virus software that are available on the internet, they are all having some disadvantage or other and this is the reason for them to be offered free. If you want a anti virus that is really effective in protecting your system, then you should try to use a anti virus that is not free. There are many cost effective anti virus that will help to protect your system better.

4. Simple to use:

The anti virus that you use in your computer should be simple to use. The reason for this is that if it is not simple to use, then you can scan it almost at all times and you can even do a custom scan on a particular file that you think might be infected. You should also be able to scan each and every folder in the computer through various custom scans that you do.

These are the features of the best anti virus scan. The anti-virus should be dynamic and should also be updated at regular intervals to make sure that the recent version is on your computer. This will help you to be able to protect your computer better.

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