A computer is an electronic device that is used to perform high computations. However now a days, computers are being use for the multi purposes. Computers are being used for the businesses, study, communication, entertainment etc. There are many things related to hardware and software that computer should have. First of all I will discuss about the hardware of the computer essential for a computer.


Hardware is dependent on the software while the software is dependent on the hardware. Computer hardware is nothing without the software and computer software is nothing without the hardware. There is a lot of hardware available for your computer in the market. If you are a home computer user then maybe you don't have a need to plug a 3D card in your computer. If you are related to the field of textile designing then you must have a 3D card plugged in your computer for the high graphics support. The following hardware devices are essential for every computer.

CD and DVD

CD Rom is essential for your computer because if you want to install the Operating System from the CD then it will support you in the installation. Secondly some users also have a need for CD writer or DVD writer. CD writer and DVD writer both are used for the CD or DVD burning. This is very useful because you can save the backup of your computer on a DVD or a CD for further use in case if your data become lost. For the permanent storage, your computer must have a hard disk for storage of data. A user can use a hard disk with the capacity of 40 GB onward. However many organizations use the hard disk with a lower capacity because they use their computers on the network and store their data on the server which has the more capacity to store the data. You can also have an external hard disk drive to store more data.


A RAM is also an essential part of your computer because whenever we run a program operating system, it loads the program into the RAM. A RAM is a volatile storage device but the hard disk is a permanent storage device. So RAM also affects the speed and the performance of your computer. Then a LAN card or modem is also essential for a computer to connect the internet. The mother board is also a very important part of your computer. You can purchase a motherboard for your computer according to your requirements. Usually a home user doesn't have a need for a printer, but for official use of computer in your office a printer and Fax machine may become essential.


Without software your computer is just like an empty box. Your computer is nothing without the software; you must have installed an operating system on your computer in order to use your computer. Although many other software are also essential for your computer to run and function, Microsoft office or other similar programs are also essential for your computer. You can also install the other software according to your requirements.

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