Selecting an application or software program can be a big consideration, especially when purchasing the program and usually expensive vital applications such as Microsoft Office or Adobe Photoshop. When considering buying this program is important that you are confident with the software would be able to do what you need. On this occasion I gave a few different considerations before buying computer software applications. Competition HargaSebelum buy any application to ensure that no competing programs that may be cheaper or even free. If available a cheap or free that can do what you want, why should an expensive purchase. As a good example of such a program Open Office and Corel Word Perfect to Microsoft Word competitor. Both programs are an excellent choice for word processing and there are substantial price differences. In the case of Open Office, even a hundred percent free.

Exhaustive documentation supplied with the software. Many programs now include online documentation that is generally more than adequate. However, far better to get a manual or user guide for the software program or application.
LisensiJika you are a company that plans to have a software program used by employees (more than one person), need to consider licensing options.

This is necessary because each computer will be installed product that has the software license. If a company buys program without the proper license, it will be illegal and can cause your company to face criminal lawsuit.
See prices in the whole shop around either online or offline. Because the price of the software can be changed so easily and sometimes differ between stores.

If possible buy software directly from the company because it's cheaper than retail prices.
Be careful with OEM software. Many resellers sell the OEM program, which requires you to buy a computer or motherboard. OEM software I described earlier. See software package as a whole. How many cd / dvd that is included, the documentation provided, and whether there are bonuses or additional software are included.

How to Select Accounting Software:

An important factor in buying an accounting software is the solution given to answer the problems that occur in your company. Make sure the features offered are in accordance with your needs. If there are not appropriate, is there any way out? If there is an alternative way, are you willing to compromise? You only need to compare vendors can actually deliver a solution that fits.

Value per Price.
Price is one factor you should consider, however, price is not the most important factor. All you have to calculate the benefits you'll get. Sometimes despite low prices, but the benefits of accounting software that you get low, then you end up paying extra is required.

After Sales Service.
This is the most expensive component of an accounting software like Software Akuntansi Laporan Keuangan Terbaik because of the low scalability and high skilled. Check what services you will receive. We provide free consultation via email, phone, or clients who come directly to our office and will be responsive taken by our experienced consultants.

Warranty what given.
It is very common when a vendor offers a money back guarantee if the software can not run well in your company. Notice how long the warranty period is valid. On average we can learn new accounting software it's running smoothly or not after 3 months. Check also whether the 100% money back guarantee or any other appendage that tends to trap.
Service level is a promise that the level of service will be provided by a vendor when a problem occurs with the accounting software you have purchased. In this case we are talking about the problems that arise because of a software error. There are not many software vendors who dare to give a certain service level. If necessary, try the test with a phone call or email to your vendor. See how responsive they are.

Does the vendor provide maintenance services? Whether maintenance is paid / free? Until when? Are they willing to visit you? This point also very important because your company surely will very busy and not had for exit office 'only' for deal software existing accounting problem.

The vendor.
Ensure You know who made. Does the company or individual. The company certainly will be more accountable than the individual vendors. And note also that the old establishment of the vendor, because the longer the establishment of the vendor the more experience they get, both from employees and clients / customers. In general, a vendor who was standing at least 10 years to date is a vendor that has a pretty good credibility in the eyes of its customers, so they can operate and reliable to date.

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