The terrible state of the economy has led many performance art companies and non-profit organizations to feel the sting just as hard. Raising funds to perform their work just got all the more difficult. No longer can organizations sit back and depend on the usual channels of funding. While that may still exist, the supply of available cash is dwindling.

One great thing about this situation is that it forces people to innovate in their approach to the problem of funding. Over the last year or so, we've seen people take advantage of technology to secure new sponsors using unconventional ways. It's not just about what you are raising money for, but the kind of attention you receive from others. As mentioned earlier, money is now tight for every one, so upping your game to bring in donations is key to your success. One way to stand out from the crowd is my offering a video experience to your potential donors.

Using Flip Video Recordings In Solicitations

A trend I've been noticing lately is the use of web video in solicitations. Since the medium is low-cost and easily available, it makes perfect sense. With the availability of simple and affordable recording tools like the Flip Video camcorder, it's even more accessible. Some brilliant uses I've seen include:

* Links to videos of performances, charity work and other activities that show the parties more about what the organization is about.
* Video pitches that speak to potential sponsors directly.
* Special performances shot with portable recorders like the Flip Video camera put on exclusively for an online audience that the organization is trying to appeal to.

Funding Is Still Good

If you're willing to change with the times, funding is still as available as it used to be. There are just different avenues available for getting it. If you use accessible technologies - like the Flip Video camcorder, editing software and online video sites - to your advantage, you might surprise yourself with the new patrons you discover.

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