Presentation Tier Patterns
Intercepting Filter
Facilitates preprocessing and post processing of a request.

Front Controller
Provides a centralized controller for managing the handling of a request.

View Helper
Encapsulates logic that is not related to presentation formatting into helper components.

Composite View
Creates an aggregate view from atomic subcomponents

Service To Worker
Combines a Dispatcher component with the Front Controller and view helper patterns

Dispatcher View
Combines a Dispatcher component with the Front controller and view helper patterns, differing many activities to view processing.

Context Object
To Encapsulate state in a protocol independent way.

Application Controller
To Centralize retrieval and invocation of request processing components

Business Tier Patterns
Business Delegate
Decouples presentation and service tiers, and provides a façade and proxy interface to the services.

Value Object
Facilitates data exchange between tiers by reducing network chattiness

Session Façade
Hides business object complexity; centralizes workflow handling

Composite Entity
Represents a best practice for designing coarse grained entity beans by grouping parent dependent objects into a single entity bean

Value Object Assembler
Assembles a composite value object from multiple data sources

Value List Handler
Manages query execution, results caching and results processing

Service Locator
Encapsulates complexity of business service lookup and creation; locates business services factories.

Business Object
To separate business data and logic using an object model

Application Service
To Centralize and aggregate behavior to provide a uniform service layer

Integration Tier Pattern
Data Access Object
Abstracts data sources; provides transparent access to data

Service Activator
Facilitates asynchronous processing for EJB Components

Domain Store
To Separate persistence from the object model

Web Service Broker
To expose and broker one or more services using XML and web protocols.

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