A virus that causes disease in you can come from the atmosphere or from other animals or even our fellow human beings. These viruses can cause huge amounts of destruction in terms of loss of money and health. The computer virus is similar. It can also cause a huge loss in terms of information and costs.

Human beings create the computer viruses. These viruses are nothing but computer programs. These are created to cause damage to the computer system of other people. Other than the aim of creating damage to the other computers, the computer viruses that are present or created these days are all programmed in such a way that they not only cause damage as mentioned, but they also cause information from our computer to be siphoned off to the computer from where the virus originated.

There are various sources of viruses and these are:

1. Internet:

The internet is the primary source of all the viruses. There are come people who can be called as anti social elements and these people create the viruses that are nothing but programs on the internet that can replicate themselves in the computer that they enter. Other than this, they can also try to corrupt the files on the computer they enter. These are released as part of video games, music files and other files on the internet. When another person who is interested in that particular file that contains the music, video or other details, tries to download the files, the virus or the program that is the virus, also gets downloaded along with the files. This can affect all the files on the computer where it was downloaded.

2. Removable disks:

There are many kinds of removable disks that people use these days. Some of these removable disks are the pen drives, the other memory components that are external and can be connected to the computer using a universal serial bus. This can cause the virus from the external removable disk to get into the computer that you are using. The virus could have got into the removable disk in the first place when it was not scanned properly after being used on a computer that is hooked to the internet.

Direct download is the usual method of entry by a virus into your computer system. When you download any files, there is a very high risk of the entry of the virus into the computer. Other than the direct download, the use of removable software that are not scanned by anti virus software can also be the reason for the entry of virus.

Scanning each and every removable disk before it is used on your computer will help to prevent the virus to get into the systems from the internet. It should also be remembered that you should try to scan your computer for virus with a good anti virus scanner. This will help to prevent the entry of any virus into your system and even if there is a virus, it can be deleted from the computer.

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