Trojan facilitates access of unauthorized user to your PC. They collect the email addresses from the host computer for the single reason of spamming. You can take assistance from the service providers that provide remote PC assistance as well as remote tech support in order to avoid such situation. It is very difficult to detect the presence of Trojan horse in your system. With the wide use of the internet the threat of such malicious applications has also increased. The malicious software such as Trojan horse, computer worms and virus are very dangerous for your system. Extreme precautions must be taken in order to protect your system from Trojan horse and other malicious programs, some of them include:

(A)Installation of updated Antivirus
It is the most imperative security step for safeguarding the system against the Trojan attack. In addition the software must be updated on the regular basis and the computer must be regularly scanned for viruses. It is not essential to go for Windows repair services a genuine antivirus protection can work for getting rid of viruses and spy ware. If you are novice in the field of computers then it is better to take expert assistance, there are many companies that are offering remote technical support for round the clock assistance. This is the best thing about remote technical support you can get ready help in spite of distance.

(B)Enable the Firewall and Use Anti Spyware
Firewall helps to defend your PC against the unauthorized hacker that attack and access your computer in allied manner. If the firewall option is not enabled then your computer can be easily access by unauthorized users. A genuine and updated anti spyware program is helpful to fight against the browser's hijack, registry corruption, data corruption, and other application failures. Here again you can avail remote PC support from the professionals who know about the latest anti-virus programs best suited for your needs.

(C)The Operating system must be updated regularly
There are many service packs that are introduced by the operating system developers in order to fix the loop holes in the security of OS. You must ensure that your system is scheduled on regular updates from the official website of Microsoft.

(D)Encrypt important files

In order to save your computer from Trojan you can encrypt the important data of computer. This will protect your data from the accidental deletion.

(E)Never download suspicious attachments

The suspicious attachment as well as emails must be avoided. They can serve as way of planting the threatening malicious software such h as Trojans, computer viruses and spywares you're your computer systems. They facilitates the hackers to get easy assess to your computer. Thus it is better to avoid such attachments to avoid virus attack.

The above stated measures were for safeguarding your PC from the Trojan attacks but in case your system has already infected with such virus then you can perform complete formatting of your hard disk and get a clean system install again. It is highly recommended to take remote PC assistance, remote tech support or online computer help for getting rid of the virus troubles.

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