Every computer has a hard disk in it which is used for the permanent storage. Somehow there was a need to transfer the data from one computer to another computer. For this, we can write our data on a CD by using the CD writer. However it takes a lot of time to write the data on CD disk. Secondly this technique is also very costly also less portable.

In a past few years people were using the floppy disks for the transferring of data from one computer to another but the capacity of the floppy disk was not enough. We were only able to transfer 1.44 Mb of data in a floppy disk. These floppy disks were also very sensitive. So we were in need of an external storage device for the transferring of data from one place to another with the higher capacity and low cost.

Now USB flash drive make it easy for the users of the computer to store their data on a physical transferring media. Now, the data is more secure in the flash drive. You can save the flash drive in your pocket or wallet and carry it along.

USB Flash drives have the power of resistance against mechanical damage. These flash drives are protected against the dust. These strong points are the main advantages of the Flash disks as compared to the predecessors, such as floppy disk and compact. This is because of the metal case or the rigid plastic case on it. This case makes the Flash disk ideal for the transporting of the data without the risk of damage by dust.

In Flash drives, we can save more data than the floppy disk. You can easily copy your big size images, video's and other media and can transfer it from one place to another. Flash drives are available from 128 Mb to 40 GB. You can purchase a flash drive according to your need or the budget.

These Flash drives also facilitate the users with respect to the security. Flash drives are available in the market with a built in password protection. You can set a password for your flash drive. Then your flash drive can only be accessed by yourself. In case of loss or theft no one can use your data. In this way your data is more secure.

There are many manufacturers currently working on the flash drives. However Kingston is a big name in the world. They have recently launched a new ultra secure Data Traveler 5000 USB flash drive. They have applied many security encryption algorithms in this USB Flash Drive to protect the data from misuse. A complex password protection enforces the device to lockdown after a specified number of wrong passwords entered. Data Traveler 5000 is waterproof with stainless steel and is titanium-coated which protects the circuit inside from being damaged. This flash drive is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7 and windows vista.

These are a few features of USB Flash Drive that has changed the world of the computer and has made the life of the computer users very easy.

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