In the fierce market competition, how to improve efficiency, reduce cost and increase product market competition is the lessons for injection products manufacturers. Here is a new idea for manufactures who want to have a fine benefit. That is stack hot runner mold, which combines stack mould and hot runner system.

Stack hot runner mold is a leading-edge technology in the development of plastic mould. In December 1940, KNOWLESER has got the patent of stack mould. Today's stack mould has a lower cost than traditional single mold and increased flexibility of application of stack mould. Different with ordinary injection mold, stack mould's cavities distributed in 2 or more layers, and were overlapping arranged, which is equivalent to stack many of the plastic moulds together.
Compared with single mold, stack mould increase clamping force by 5%~10%, but can increase production by 90%~95%, which greatly improve equipment utilization and productivity and decrease costs. Besides, stack mould have the same manufacturing requirements with single mold, but combine many cavities in one plastic mould, so the plastic mould manufacturing cycle is greatly shortened.
Hot runner technology can save raw materials, is easy to automate, can improve product performance and shorten production cycle. When hot runner system cooperates with stack mould, people can exponentially improve production and realize efficient automation only with a slight increase in the cost of plastic mould. So the application and development of stack hot runner mold is getting growing concern by people.

In general, stack mould is most suitable for molding large flat products, small multi-cavities thin wall products and mass production products. With the development of hot runner technology, stack mould has larger application range and better products quality.

SINO MOULD CO.,LTD has a great deal of research on the stack mould, and the hot runner system is supplied by Anole Injection Technology Co., Ltd, which is under the same head office with SINO MOULD.

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